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  1. theres few things im stil not sure about : 1. where do i get that BootEFI folder from ? i searched my drives and didnt find any bootefi files or folders , ive found boot.efi but not bootefi.sh or bootefi.zip or bootefi folder 2. where do i need to boot from if i dont have my system running 3. how and where to copy the files exactly if someone can plz make a step by step guide for 'how to make disk bootable' that would be great.
  2. Hello I just got a p5b deluxe with quad cpu i want to install osx86 without windows i dont need windows at all on that machine can i do it natively? what installation do i need Please try to help thanks alot
  3. Hello i wanted to know if there is a chance to run osx installation natively on p5b deluxe i dont want windows just the osx if someone have experience on this please let me know thanks!
  4. hi i had the same problem with any kind of usb/firewire sound cards... still looking for something please keep us update if u find something....
  5. u can open the box... its ok
  6. Logic Expres Sound Card

    i have the fireface 800 and its rocks on logic 7.2 on the osx86
  7. hi... i manage to run logic 7.2 original with almost no problems at all the only thing so far is the Ad-limiter plug in makes no sound when i put it some one knows this issue?
  8. Universal Audio Plugins

    waves are already released or about to be release?
  9. My results -> 125.28 Thanks for all!

    is it with firewire 400 and 800?
  10. nForce Sata Workaround

    hi i finally got sata on my nforce 4 mobo ... but the problem is that i get less score on xbench than an ide drive... any suggestions?
  11. hi there i got amd64 kn8f9 3500+ nforce 4 mobo all works really nice except hardisk performances.... i am getting like 50% score on xbench on my 7200 ide drive and i tried also to put sata on my computer and the score was even less than the ide on xbench... am i doing something wrong? i saw some ppl on the forum get really high scores in xbench about disk performances and i really want to know what i need to do to speed my disks thanks
  12. hi im into hardisk performances now i tried to use ide and sata drive on nforce 4 mobo and both gives 50% in xbench do u think i can go much faster with the hardisk speed? if i put fw800 external drive will it gives me more speed in xbench? thanks
  13. Please Help!

    hi im thinking of buying new computer and i would like to have a really good performances right now i have amd64 3500+ athalon on k8nf9 nforce 4 computer i want something better what do u suggest me to get now... amd or intel? which is the best cpu to run now? today i have just sse2 on my 3500+ which runs ok on the 10.4.5 will i see more improvements on new cpu? thanks!
  14. crackles....

    hi all i have a problem in my setup i think i use the rme fire face and when i play audio from any program like itune,quicktime,logic and i go with maximum volume i start to hear noise distroted crackles... what is it? i cant cross the 0db with my faders of the software its really strange thanks
  15. Universal Audio Plugins

    audio damage also got some for universal but hey... is this going to be like this? we will not be able to run the old plugins just universals??? its going to be a big mess no??? i hope someday a program like fx pansion adapter vst au will run the old vsts or something