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  1. Load patched kexts from alternate folder?

    Same Thin here but with other kexts....what can be done? Thx
  2. Load patched kexts from alternate folder?

    not working..... I'll try again
  3. Load patched kexts from alternate folder?

    Doing that asap! thx
  4. kext loading

    Thanks! what you suggest is for adding kexts to system folders isn't it? My problem is for adding kexts to initrd image or extra folder on chameleon hdd and they load properly, since i add them but they do not load on startup. Regards Javier
  5. kext loading

    Hello, sorry for noob question, but I'm trying to figure out how to solve this issue. I'm using Boot 132 method and chameleon for hard drive. What happens is that everytime I wan't to add some kext to the extra folder, it won't load. More over, it seems that just the most basic kext of the Kabyl bumby iso are loading, not even Ps2 controller ones. What can it be? how can i force all kexts to load? Thanks Javier
  6. Load patched kexts from alternate folder?

    Hi there, I'm having some similar trouble here. I'm a noob... and I used Boot 132 with basic initrd kexts (kabyl-bumby iso), add the chameleon hard disk and added some kexts to the extra folder, but kexts are not loading, not even the PS2 controller kext that came in the original iso, what can it be? Thanks Javier
  7. Itunes and apple TV

    Hello, yes, the connection is working properly, can share screen, view everything on the network....but hackintosh can't see apple tv, and G5 does...what can it be?
  8. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R?

    did update and then efi string stuff.....perfect! 100% working!!! Thanks a lot!!!!
  9. Neat, everything is working, installed 10.5.4 update, then edit efi strings and voila! working ok, also add rtl1000 kext for further support on bonjour issue of this nics and great! just missing AlC889a to work and some stupid bug that doesn't let screensaver to start automatically, this mobo rocks!
  10. Yep, did a GUID partition scheme, and leopard just installs easy, through Sata burner. This board is awesome, really complete and powerfull, my only issue now is getting QE/CI in my 8500gt, I'll try what suggested in other post, adding efi strings (efi studio) after 10.5.4 update and check any nvinject. But seems weird to me because installed under the same procedure 10.5.0 leopard on a G31M-S2L INTEL and with 7300gt and no trouble for enabling QE/Ci with efistudio. Now with my GA-EP45-DS3R as soon as I reeboot after adding the strings, mys system crashes. By the way, I'm using Kabyl-Bumby iso. Thanks!!!
  11. Hi Martín M, after reading your other post i bought the mobo, and installed Leopard with boot132, now I'm fighting to get my 8500gt work with QE/CI, efi strings don't work n 10.5.0, system crashes on reboot. Thanks!!!
  12. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R?

    Ok, I will upgrade today to 10.5.4 and proceed to add efi strings and check for any Nvinject. Thanks for your help!
  13. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R?

    Hi there, just bought and installed this mobo and used boot 132 for leopard, all ok, but can't get 8500gt Qe/Ci enabled using efistudio strings, any clue? thx!
  14. Itunes and apple TV

    Hello, I have recently been trying to hook up my apple TV to my Hackintosh, and itunes can't see it, but if I try with my G5 or mac mini, everything goes right. Is there any issue regarding hackintosh and appleTv? Thanks
  15. Belkin ups

    Hey! I did have some great headaches with a belkin ups, that "was" supported under OSX (tiger), finally gave up, and the only UPS that I buy now are APC, they certainly work under OSX energy saver preferences, and very well (at least under Tiger and Leopard) Good luck