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  1. Hey Guys, I have followed this guide and everything works except sleep: The monitors turn off but the fans are still spinning and the power led lights. After a while, maybe 2-3 minutes, the computer restarts. I have tried different things/kexts. The first setup was fakesmc and both kexts for sound and one for Ethernet. I have also tried to delete AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, to patch AppleRTC or played around with NullCPUPowerManagement (which I don't need as far as I know?!) My PC: Gigabyte Z87X-D3H (F7 Bios) Intel 4670 i5 Haswell GeForce GTX 660 (which works native) In 10.8.4 sleep works! Thanks for help.
  2. The old G3 Powermacs grey / bright are rel. cheap I think, and they are upgradeable. But I think they are a little bit ugly..
  3. start OS X without any keyboard?

    You need an USB Keyboard. When you haven't an keyboard but configured OSX already, OSX will start without a keyboard and you can use it with a mouse or with a which you after start plugged in.

    rofl, you have garbled your finger tips *gg*
  5. Reboot Issues with nForce4

    Strange to say, when I type -v for verbose mode, anything is perfect, it boots perfectly. In verbose mode it never hasn't freezed, only when the apple is shown.. I can't understand it.. Can I tell Darwin that osx should load only with the -v command?
  6. Hi. I've got the Keyboard and I would like to use the keys, e.g. "media" to start iTunes. Does anybody know how I can enable the keys? Are there drivers existing for the keyboard? There are driver on the MS page, but the installer crashes while installing the driver..
  7. Reboot Issues with nForce4

    Same here. A8N-SLI Deluxe and I think it's the 1016 final BIOS. I can shutdown, but I can't reboot. And sometimes I have got the problem that when I want to boot OSX the Computer hangs on while the circle is rotating, does anyone have similar problems?
  8. radeon 9800 recognized as VESA

    Does each x300 run with enabled CI/QE? I've got a 7800GTX, but I would like to enjoy CI/QE.. Does OpenGL run? so long..
  9. MacDesk Pro?

    PowerMac, the iMac has got his old name, so why should the name change? I hope it will be called PowerMac.. I can't imagine another name for it..
  10. Safari Crashes More Often in 10.4.5

    I've got the same problem: safari crashes in irregular intervals.. But Adium and RBrowser too ^^ Under 10.4.3 it worked better than under 10.4.5
  11. Is 10.4.5 really better

    I've got 81 points with an AMD 3000+ Venice, OCed @2,37GHz. I selected only the CPU test, so that's the result of the CPU. I don't know the old score from 10.4.3, but I'll install 10.4.3 on my second harddisk
  12. Is 10.4.5 really better

    Does anybody know why there is written "Apple Development Platform" on my 10.4.5 installation (In the system profiler)? Here is a screenshot: I've upgraded from 10.4.3 developer - could that be that the reason? Ah and why I havent SSE3? I've got a Venice CPU which supports SSE3! I Don't know whether it was listed in 10.4.3, but I think so!
  13. Confused about OSX86

    Really? I thought also the 10.4.3 is a not-developer-release and only the 10.4.1 is the developer version wow, thanks for the education One question: You said, the 10.4.4 is a developer version, and what is when I'll patch the 10.4.4 to 10.4.5, is it than the 10.4.5 developerversion or the macintel 10.4.5? And can I load a (patched?) 10.4.5 out of the internet as a torrent or doesn't no one exist? Sry for my bad English.. ..I hope you can understand me
  14. Hi friends, hi enemies! I've got a question: on my real mac, i used nvu as an wysiwyg webeditor, but now under the hackintosh it do not works: when i start it, it close seconds later, then it start automatically, then close.., and so on.. I think it's a problem with rosetta, but I can't activate it in the information bar of nvu..?! Does anybody know how I can run it under 10.4.3 (Wesley)? Or should I load a new version like 10.4.4 or 10.4.5? Thanks! And sorry for my bad English, I'm stupid