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    AppleHDA Patcher Location

    wow dude FInally THANKS. Do you also have v1.16 or v.17 and or v1.18
  2. FearedFilms

    AppleHDA Patcher Location

    well duh but files deleted and his crappy site has not been payed ford for.
  3. FearedFilms

    AppleHDA Patcher Location

    no one feels like helping today so itll be a long wait.
  4. FearedFilms

    Sigmatel audio help 9220

    Hello I am having trouble with well audio problems. Here is some info about my hardware. PC Model: Dell dimension 5150 OS: Leopard 10.5.2 GFX CArd: ati 2600 radeon hd pro 512mb Sound: Sigmatel 9220 ( Ven_8384 Dev_7680 Now I got everything else working EXPECT, audio. Please Help me. P.S I am not dual booting.
  5. What version's of sigmatel are they? -BOU
  6. Im using a Ati 2600 HD pro 512mb pcie Video card but I cannot boot up into the original mac I have to boot up into safe boot ( with the -x command ) Any help it keeps asking me to restart my computer in like 4 different languages.
  7. FearedFilms

    Sigmatel 9200 not reconized Kalyway 10.5.2

    I'd Recommend, this http://wiki.taruga.net/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=153