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    Restoring Files from Apple TV

    Thanks. I will PM you. I couldn't figure out how to do the second method you mentioned, so I ended up opening the box, removing the hard drive and copying an image of the AppleTV hard drive onto my computer. It was messy, but it did work. I put the AppleTV back together, and everything works! I am so glad we had a copy of our family photos on the AppleTV! We back up EVERYTHING now...
  2. Steve B.

    Restoring Files from Apple TV

    I need help restoring our family photos from the Apple TV. The hard drive on our Mac crashed and we did not have a backup of our photos. (The Apple store installed a new hard drive but could not recover the old files from the ruined hard drive.) We were devastated, until we remembered that the photos are on our Apple TV, which was linked to the Mac via a hard wire plugged into the back of the Apple TV. I have now unplugged the wire from the Apple TV and have not linked it to the Mac with the new hard drive. How do I get the photos from the Apple TV back onto the Mac? Thank you for reading this. Sincerely, Steve B.