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  1. Introduce yourself.

    Hi everyone. Long time PC builder and was a computer consultant and UNIX sys admin years ago. Have played with and installed lots of different OSes, some for fun, and some for work. Use PCs at home and Mac at work, so I figured I should try and install Mac OS on a PC and found this great site which helped me a lot. Already installed Mac OS Snow Leopard on an AMD PC I had built a while back, and got every component fully working and operational. So far, so good. Thanks for all you who have written the great guides and continue to provide valuable information. I am really glad I found this site!
  2. Which OSX is compatible on my PC ?

    Most distributions now work fine on AMD these days. I have the same motherboard as you running an older disb of Leo4all. Not everything worked at first, so I had to do some fext updates, the main ones being video and audio. I used the on-board video and audio chips. Some people had much better luck than me with newer distributions that have more fext (drivers). One of the features that I never got working (didn't spend enough time on) was the "sleep" mode. Other than that, the computer is very stable. Good luck.