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  1. How to get mac on acer 6935g

    Hey there, I got mine a couple of months ago (512mb 9600gt, blu ray, full hd, 4gb ram) and it's an amazing laptop to say the least. I did a hackintosh a while back on my previous dell lattitude and it was fun but now i'd like to try it again on my acer. Obviously you've already done some homework so could you help me (and others to follow) by posting what you think is the best compilation to go for (iatkos, kallyway, etc) and if you had any trouble with drivers or installation. If you had to find drivers could you maybe post links or something of them up here with the process you followed in the chosen compilation. I'm also really itching for snow leopard as i'm sure you are so as soon as we can get our hands on that we should make a how to for that too Thanks in advance and lets make lots of happy sapiens shall we hehe.
  2. Hi Roneil, Sorry for not posting on here for a while. In response to the issue with having ahci support in windows xp i tried to use the file you attached and i ended up with a corrupt system folder soon after the new hardware was being identified and installation was taking place. I managed to get around it by slipstreaming the intel matrix driver and then application as given on the dell site for our d630's (using the f6 option during xp install could work too). I don't know if i'm the only one that had that corruption problem but if i'm not then it's a warning to those who try it next. Also, one reason to try doing the ahci support during initial install of windows is that I've heard that even if you get the hardware recognised it seems like you don't get all the features that come with it like NCQ unless it's there from the beginning. One other thing, I can't get into my mac osx installation after switching to ahci. I installed it using the ati setting in the beginning and now when i try get into mac osx after setting to ahci it will stop at the grey screen with a little circle with slash through it icon telling me it's not going any further. Is there a way i can get back in or do i have to do a reinstall? thanks
  3. Where is the link for those files? Thanks for the help roneil.
  4. Bsoplinger asked me to post this about the ahci in windows. I stole this link from the Dell support forum. I think its a bit of overkill, but if you follow the instructions in about the middle page (4th or 5th posting) you'll be all set. http://www.dellcommunity.com/supportforums...d=235179#M66356
  5. I also can't seem to find the posting i know i saw somewhere where someone mentioned how to get ahci working in windows xp so that you can dual boot with ahci. Could someone maybe point me in the right direction?
  6. I live in south africa and it's supposed to be free to download from rapidshare but whenever you try downloading from them they say that the download has expired and i have to try again. It's the same with other companies like rapidshare where they'll tell you to input the code in the picture to do the download and it just keeps on saying it's the incorrect code
  7. try the tools found on the disc you'd make at www.ubcd4win.com
  8. critical iatkos problems

    I can't answer your question directly but I would seriously recommend www.ubcd4win.com as a possible way of getting back on your feet. It's helped me a lot.
  9. I have a d630 and i followed the instructions exactly as you stated. Thanks for the offer of sending me the kexts though, i eventually succumbed to paying the b@stards cause i was just so close to getting it all sorted. It just feels like a rip off paying that much for 3mb. If anyone needs those kexts i'll also happily send it to you, just pm me. I won't help rapidshare rip off more people. Now we just need to hope someone sorts out the network card issue. Also, have you had issues with your usb ports in this yet or does a flash drive have to be formatted before it's seen (even in disk utility).
  10. I would guess so. I never had a problem with the installation of the patch but it seems like it could pose a problem. In this game we're playing I don't get too attached to the installation until I'm getting pretty good at reinstalling the whole thing and getting it working. I'd say just reinstall. Btw... my mute button is working with those files from the first part of the guide.
  11. Thanks for that link and the extra reading material. I am quite happy to say I have managed to update directly from 10.5.1 to 10.5.4 on my machine. It wasn't as easy in my case as your guide mentioned but I'll detail it here in case you want to add it to your guide and for those having similar strange problems. Firstly, reading through those unix commands, I noticed that there's a difference between the normal user and the super user password. I then tried using "su" in the terminal to log into root but it wouldn't allow me the access with the password that was created during the initial setup. Using the guide I found that you can change the root password in the terminal using "sudo passwd root" which i then did and set the password there. After that I could log into "su". After that I ran that initial script you mention in the beginning of the guide that we need to run just before installing the update while still in super user mode (normal mode doesn't work, doesn't have enough access). I installed the update, pressed "ctrl-z" in the terminal to kill the process after the update was installed, edited the script that you mentioned where I added the "dsmos.kext" (i did this by browsing to it in finder and whenever i got to a folder i couldn't access i right clicked, "get info", scrolled to the bottom, clicked on the lock for access, gave everyone read and write access to the folder). after that i tried using the kexthelper but i was still plagued with it saying it didn't have the right password to log into "su" (you can watch it if you click on "advanced"). So with my previous terminal still open and still logged into "su", I just copy-pasted the script from the right hand pane into the terminal and away it went, . Be sure to have dragged those two sleep_fix files into kexthelper first so that the script has the info it needs with regard to their file paths. I then did the deletion of the intel kexts as mentioned and "diskutil repairPermissions /" and rebooted. Firstly i tried booting normally and i got stuck with the grey screen, spinning logo and eventually a little circle-cross symbol stating something was wrong basically. I then booted trying with the "-s" flag and i saw errors with regards to the ahci (strange). Went back to my bios, changed ahci back to ata and all was well. I hope this helps anyone because I know how long I've been struggling with this. Now can someone please please please please tell me where I can find those intel graphic kexts cause rapidshare is just a never ending loop of frustration. I'll be heading back to trying to get my sound working as well as taking a look to see if changing back to ahci now will give problems and getting my baby to dual boot. P.S, I think us d630 and d830 users are working up a nice little thread with all the info we need. Rock on P.P.S again... please can i get those intel kexts somewhere
  12. Hi everyone Thanks for the thread. The info here has been the best so far. I have a dell d630 A12, 2gig Ram, Intel graphics, dell 1490 wireless, 80gig hdd. I have tried installing iatkos 1.0ir2 with efi and vanilla kernel being the only selected options. I have overcome the mbr problem and have managed booting into the os by deleting the gma950 and x3100 kexts as described. At this point I have working wireless (seen as native airport) and dual core support (thanks to making sure ahci was selected in bios). I would like to get my graphics and sound working and be able to update it to 10.5.4 and this is where my problem comes in. I have grabbed the kexthelper app, the 10.5.4 combo update from apple's site, the files listed in the first posting (all except the gmax3100 kexts - could someone please e-mail me that file? rapidshare is absolutely impossible to use). I follow the instructions with regards to running the script, then installing the update, closing the script, editing the file in "installatfirstrun (or whatever)" and then when I try to install the sleep_fix using the kexthelper then suddenly the terminal doesn't recognise my admin password in order to get root access! I can't find any solutions to this anywhere. If i reboot at this point then it refuses to boot and stops at the grey screen saying i need to switch off. Can someone please help me get to the next level and it would be awesome if you could help me with those files so that I can enjoy some mac goodness too. Thanks in advance.