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  1. Drunk mouse ?

    Yeah, Could the mouse be at fault, Mine is a wireless one and I can tell when the battries are low when it moves by its self and it will not stop when I stop and it will keep going, or it just jitters around the screen, also I can not see how it can kernal panic aswel, unless there are kext files that are related to the the mouse function are broken
  2. intell Gma g33/31 graphics

    Well I have a hackintosh runnning my second dvd drive is missing but its not big deal to me as I just need one in the long run any ways my graphics card is an intell gma g33/g31 and im tuck at 1024x768 my monter is an acer something and can go to 1600x1050 this app called switchrezx is so dam complex to get to work. so how do I get my graphics to work,. thats the last thing besides my IDE I can live with out, also I want to update to osx 10.6.8 or is it .6.7? eh what ever how would I go about doing that with out trashing my install as I just had to reinstall as I did that got my ide working on this install, I would like some help here though
  3. I have this wonderfull craptop of mine running windows xp, now I want to move over to osx and Im looking at x.6 as of the new ilife, (I love it) but I dont own a mac that can run new said ilife as my newest mac is a g4 now How the hell would I install osx on this craptop I have a install cd iaktos s3v2 I"m good with real macs not hackintoshes, and I hope this wont be very hard I do not need windows on this laptop nor linux so im fine there UPDATE: I got osx installed and now my graphics are all glitchey unless there is a vga display plugs in, wireless and enthernet is missing but keyboard and mouse work fine
  4. Where do I start?

    Well Ok my Macintosh g3 server died while i was at school, What the server was doing was running 10.4.11 (Server) and making my older imac's (g3's) (with out hard drives) Netboot, I found my old Compaq Sr1620xn Computer it has an amd core I would like to get this hackintosh to run 10.5.7 server, but i have no clue where to start, I need the best Kind of hackintosh OSX for this pc to run, Thanks if anyone can help me here, I will be running netboot and also file sharing on the computer, also this computer has 2 nic cards, so it will help the netload over my network, Thanks !!!!
  5. Leo Server?

    What is a good hacked Verson of leo server? Or pactch? As i got a coppy i want to make a net boot server for my old g3 imacs as there hard drves went bad and im saving up for a mac mini i have an amd compaq its a sr1620nx512 ram and 160 gb hdd upgrading the hdd soon tho. i need the imacs to run os 9 osx 10.2 10.3 10.4 from the net boot as i would like to show them off. is thats ok with the osx leo this computer has a 2 gh core and its 32 bit also im looking for a verson of leo that fits on a dvd 5 or on an ipod if that would boot my computer that i beleve it does as i boot debian of my flash drive XD Thanks
  6. Well I got an Imac 24 in and it was over $3000 wiht tons os extra {censored} with it but gess what happened it it. WSOD All id does it boot to aa wight screen. Im going to bring it back to apple and get my $$$ but Im going to buy a lepord dvd and ilife when i go back... Se i want to ren lepord on my old pc it has a 4 core intell at 2.4 gh over clocked to 2.6 ghbut what would be the best distro for an intell chip? also my mo bord is a asus bord. im not shure what modle number.. Lepord is the last thing i buy from apple.. cus they suck but any help thanks
  7. internal card reader

    on my hac my card reader has a usb end on the plug on the inside. and my mo bord has a usb plug and it nothing special it just works i can install osx to it also. not saying im going to try. but i had xp installed to an 8gb card for a few weeks it was kinda of cool to do that and xp was fast. ok thas it for me
  8. Mighty Mouse for hackint0sh

    I would get the wired one. So you dont have to get batries and also the cable is short it just plugs in the keybord. Thats so smart of appple. that would be a nice finish to you're hackintos Btw
  9. Help

    Help Ok I installed osx 10.5.2 and i cant get it to boot nothing works the screen just blinks - i dont think it installed a boot loader. :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: OK there I got it to boot in to osx once but then i rebooted it to see if it would boot in to osx but it did not and i for got the comand
  10. Marvin's AMD Utility

    Can i youse this for apps or what . can i youse sofware updat im such a n00b tho
  11. Istall Is stuck AMD core

    Bump It says at the 9 min marck or 4 or 5 it could not save crash report?
  12. Hey im trying to install Kalyway 10.5.2 And it gets to 4 or 9 Min's Left and then just crashes It doed it every time. I have a compaq Presario sr1620nx Hers The specs Processor Type AMD Sempron 3400+ / 2 GHz Installed Qty 1 Max processors supported 1 Mainboard Chipset type ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Data bus speed 800 MHz RAM Installed Size 512 MB / 4 GB (max) Technology DDR SDRAM Memory speed 400 MHz Memory specification compliance PC3200 RAM form factor DIMM 184-pin RAM configuration features 2 x 256 MB Storage Hard Drive 1 x 160 GB - Standard - 7200 rpm I have the Hdd in 2 parts 60 gb for leo and the rest for time cap Graphics Controller Type Integrated Graphics Processor / Vendor ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Video Memory Shared video memory (UMA) Max Allocated RAM Size 128 MB Audio Output Type Sound card - Integrated Sound output mode 5.1 channel surround Audio output compliant standards AC '97 Keybord and mouse PS\2 Networking Networking Network adapter - Integrated Data Link Protocol Ethernet, Fast Ethernet Just Do a goole If you need more info about it. I just got the info of cnet becuase i cant rember. Also I wached tho log run and it says somthing about not being abloe to write about a log Or eoor I will try once more and tell you guys what it says. Also leo 4 all wont boot in to the installer it says somtheing about no usb devices or somthing thanks Guys
  13. 14yo starting out

    Hey, I'm 14 years old to start off with. Just to say for my self this makes me think.. Alot. Well Cn i get like an immage or somthing. I have osx 10.5.2 on a disk. i got from apple. my dad would like me to put it on his windows vista computer. also were all mac people. can i have some help. Im a super noob. I know nothing about this. can some one help me thanks. also the guids make no sence to me