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  1. Laptop has GMA 950, on first reboot it plays music, but the screen is blank, please please help.
  2. Jdm111

    calling all ALC260 users

    Use that one instead. Its works great. ALC260
  3. Jdm111

    Hack Support

    I don't think this has ever been posted here before: Ps, Who actually watched that on a Hackintosh?
  4. Jdm111

    GMA 915 blue screen

    Done that, It hangs at blue screen.
  5. Jdm111

    GMA 915 blue screen

    Here is a picture:
  6. Jdm111

    [How to] Intel GMA 900 done right: full QE/CI for leopard

    I get this after install
  7. Jdm111

    GMA 915 blue screen

    I did all that you said, When i boot now i get a cursor and a verry fuzzy image in the background
  8. Jdm111

    Should I install Kalyway?

    Most likely, The only to find out is to try it out!
  9. Jdm111

    GMA 915 blue screen

    I installed iDeneb today on my laptop, GMA 915, Got blue screen after install, ok. I have tried the paper clip trick and if i do the external display i get an OSD error on the monitor and a blck screen on the laptop. Thanks
  10. Hi hi, So i might need a Laptop for school. I Want a mac to use software like iwork and stuff. I already have a Mac mini and can not afford a Macbook, So my question is is that, Can anyone recomend a good hackintosh lapotop that is cheap, compatible and less than 13.3". Thanks guys.
  11. I have the same problem with youtube
  12. Jdm111


    Im sorry? I don't follow.
  13. Jdm111


    Hi, I have finally got tiger working but i have a few issues: 1. Systems locks up for a few seconds then goes back to normal, Does this about every 30 seconds 2. I have no sound in flash, I am using a USB soundcard 3. Poor performance in flash, Everything is very jumpy 4. It takes 1:30 to boot, I have seen it on worse hardware faster than this 5. Performance in general is sluggish. I am using Uphuck v1.4 Thanks
  14. I can install os x fine, But when i need to reinstall the morning, My computer doesn't boot of the disc! How can i fix? Its the same with Leopard and Tiger
  15. I installed uphuck fine. But on the first boot i get stuck at the white apple screen. I am using Uphuck and my computer specs are: Gigabyte Columbia V (GA-8SIML-NF5) Ver 2.0 Intel Celeron 2.8ghz NVIDIA FX 5200 Seagate 80gb hdd If i boot with -v it stops at this: Thanks