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  1. Atheros AR9285

    Any chance someone could up the KEXT again? Found it, should someone need it: http://www.kexts.com/view/462-atheros_ar9285.html
  2. Tweak keyboard buttons

    Ukelele worked for my 10.4.5 http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.ph...item_id=ukelele
  3. 10.4.7 phones home

    Apparently THIS just in: http://blog.wired.com/cultofmac/index.blog?entry_id=1515043 A way to stop Mr. Jobs from knowing more than he should about his machines!
  4. Installing to USB harddrive

    For the rest of you with the same problem as me a possible solution: As an IT professional I feel rather embarrassed by why my External USB HD didn't boot: PLUG IT INTO THE RIGHT USB PORT AND NOT ON AN EXTERNAL HUB! Yes, this was my problem all along - my MOBO supports booting however it cannot be something connected to an external USB HUB and must be connected DIRECTLY to the port and consequently must be one of the ports located in the front of the machine.... I am wondering if I get a PCI USB card if it will still support booting a USB HDD from there!?! Any experienced users with the answer? Thanks again to all... My HDD boots OSX 10.4.5 very well and no visible drag in speed - no problems at all; just as if it were plugged in locally. I am a happy camper
  5. Installing to USB harddrive

    @ littlemoog: Thanks for your help. My BIOS DOES support booting into a USB drive as long as it sees it as bootable, per se its boot sector being 'bootable' 80 etc. however when my HDD is plugged in via USB it is not somehow 'rendered' BIOS bootable and hence the problem I am faced with persists... while plugged in locally it boots wonderfully. Is there some way then to render this HDD as 'BIOS BOOTABLE' others seem to be doing this, where is the magical solution? This DD thing? I've heard many things regarding this meathod. Will this DD work with an already compiled DMG backup or only the IMG? Convert my DMG to IMG? --- Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! My MOBO is an Asus Punit R and seems to support USB Booting...
  6. Installing to USB harddrive

    Can anyone please reply as to their grub settings if they have been able to boot from the USB installed OSX? I have been trying everything and googling for ever and I cannot seem to get it... I've tried the hd1 and sd0 and sd1 NADA - I know that my bios sees the usb hard drive and is capable of booting off an image on USB, however the installation of OSX does not render the drive bootable to the BIOS and I blessed the drive while it was an internal drive .... I am pulling my hair out! Anyone? Thanks in advance...
  7. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    @ Stu k: I have the 9100 (device 5834) and I think that the applied 8500kext might work for me... I would be willing to try it out. I applied the patch to the 9700kext and I got a very blurred screen upon the booting of the GUI, so I am confident that its possible, had to boot -x to remove when I couldn't see where I was pointing...