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  1. I had success with GA-EP45-DSP4 using Boot-132 method. Have look at this thread. Zoka
  2. Have look at this thread
  3. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    I had success with P45 chipset based motherboard GA-EP45-DSP4 using Boot-132 method. Have look at this thread. Zoka
  4. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    OSx86 on P45 and ICH10 I have very new motherboard GA-EP45-DS4P (quad core CPU) that is based on P45 + ich10, so I did not expect that using boot-132 method would work without tweaking, however grub-dfe.iso (grub-dfe.iso) worked without any mods, so I was able to install the 10.5.1 retail DVD. I tried other ISOs floating around but they did not work for me. Note that the grub-dfe.iso contains only 4 extensions: ACPIPS2Nub.kext IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext SMBIOSEnabler.kext dsmos.kext The BIOS had to be set to use AHCI for SATA interface. SATA DVD is required. I was able to do full install, reboot and update to 10.5.4. I was expecting trouble with SATA & ich10, however ich10 is displayed as "Unknown AHCI Standard Controller" in System Profiler and seems to be working fine. Another P45 thread deals with ASUS P45 based mobo. Missing stuff: Nvidia 8600 GT acceleration and ALC889A sound. Zoka