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  1. Power Mac G4 Not Turning On

    Make shure the memory sticks are setted and you did not knock one lose.
  2. iMac G3

    Be careful when you remove the front bezel around the picture tube you can crack it easly. The bottom around the speakers comes off first and theres two scews that hold on the front. Then theres two little covers on top with screws that hold on the colored plastic rap cover. Clean the picture tube and inside the plastic parts before putting it all back. Can't wait to see the result. Do not touch the High Voltage lead to the picture tube after the cover is off. I put a fan in mine to help cool the power supply.
  3. G3 - replacing 9 gig drive with ide ?

    The B&W has an IDE drive, if you install a larger drive the OS needs to be on a partition, like ten Gigs. Or you will have problems.
  4. The 3400 has a ethernet port and now you have an OS on it you can Network to other Macs. An OS 8 Dics should boot now in the cd rom.
  5. You have to find the CD that came with the machine as it has a powerbook 3400 enabler on it. If you use a standered OS install dics you do a universal install. If you have a square SCSI port you need a special cable a hdi-30 scsi system adapter cable. its light gray and is missing one pin.The last one I found was at a thrift store,you might look o Ebay. Good luck You did hold down the C key when you boot from the CD rom?
  6. Mac os 8.0 floppys?

    That PM 4400 can be upgraded to 160MB.
  7. You need some D-link DWL 122 usb wireless adapters. There are Mac airport adapters out there. Finding the OS9 software is the problem.