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  1. Video issues on ML (iATKOS)

    I fixed a lot of NVidia issues (including dual screen issues) with ML by installing the latest driver from here. http://www.nvidia.com/object/macosx-304.00.05f02-driver.html But, I had to manually copy the kexts, bundles & plugins into SLE as the installer complained I didn't have the right hardware.
  2. I have a Toshiba X505-Q8104 Laptop running 10.8.2. I used (a slightly modded) iAtkos ML2 for installation. I have everything working except for a few minor annoyances and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or ideas. I am running with a custom DSDT, with all the laptop sandy bridge patches. Although, I can't really see any differences when I boot without the DSDT.aml in my /Extra folder. 1. When I shutdown, the laptop properly shuts down, but in order to power on, I have to remove the battery and power plug before the power button will work. After removing the battery and unplugging, and then plugging either or both back in, the power button will work and the laptop will power on and boot properly. 2. Every once in a while (maybe 15% of the time) when booting, it panics in IOAudioFamily. Restarting usually works, and sometimes it seems like I need to use -v to boot, but once everything is booted, the Audio works rock solid. Of course I could remove the IOAudioFamily.kext, but then my audio doesn't work. I'd rather deal with the unreliable boot than have no audio. 3. When running a second display thru the HDMI the video works, but the external audio isn't available as an option in the sound preferences. Not a big issue, but when I watch videos on my external HDTV, I like to use the TVs audio instead of the laptops. Other than that, everything is working great and very stable.
  3. Kalyway vs JaS

    Does the JaS 10.5.4 install disk have the nForce SATA drivers? What about 9800GX2 nVidia drivers & config? When I use the Kalyway 10.5.2 disk it is able to find and install, but JaS 10.5.4 gets stuck at "still waiting for root device" during install. I'm guessing it's because it doesn't support the SATA on my eVGA 780i nForce motherboard. Kalyway does, but doesn't support my 9800GX2 video card other than standard VGA. And although it runs at 1680x1050x32 it is a bit slow. I'm an expert with a PC, don't know squat about the MAC & OSX, which is what this endeaver is all about. Long story short, I wasn't able to get the 9800GX2 running by following the threads here. I trashed my (kaly) OSX in the process. Now I have no OSX running. I was hoping the latest JaS would solve all my problems, but I can't get it to install. All the instructions I can find for adding kexts to the ISO, seem to involve actually having a running MAC (which I don't) and don't show how to do it from a PC. (maybe using TransMac?) At any rate, I don't know if JaS will solve the 9800GX2 problems or not. Does someone have an install disk that will get this all straightened out?