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  1. Yes, i have tried and nothing. Now i'm working with 1 GPU, but for Davinci i would like to use 2 Nvidias. Thank You in advance
  2. Hello. I need your Help. I'm trying to put my Z800 with GTX960 (slot 2) + GTX980 Ti (slot 5). If I connect 2 cards the 980 it's not recognized. Have i to insert in DSDT injection to get both cards working ? Please give me some advice. Thanks in advance
  3. Need help for Z800 Yosemite Installation

    I have installed on 10.9.5 but i haven't tried with 10.10. But in 10.9.5 you have to make a rollback of kexts to get HD working. , only i have to rollback to SAS drivers from 10.9.1. Apple has changed in 10.9.2 and it was the problem of "waiting for root device". Update 10.9.1 from Luigi with OSX1094 Combo Update then delete /System/Library/AppleHPET.kext and replace the extensions with this provided by me (It's from 10.9.1). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1206172/Extensiones_LSI_1091.zip
  4. Hello, i'm trying to get work my new hackintosh. But i'm unable to get it work. Z77x-UD5H Nvidia GT210 I3770K If I work with 10.7.4 i can work with GT210 with GE=Yes. When i update to 10.7.5 or install a new 10.8.2 i can't get work GT210. Only i can boot with HD4000 with GT210 unfitted on the motherboard. In 10.7.5 and 10.8.2 i have installed latest Nvidia Drivers for both sistems. And i have tried with 10.8 DP3 drivers. What is the problem? Nvidia drivers for the new version of OS X? I want to work with 10.8.2 but with NVidia 210 i can not only i can with the HD4000. Thanks
  5. Problem HD4000 + GTX 480 10.8.2

    Hello. I'm building a new hackintosh but i'm unable to get graphics working. My specs Gigabyte Z77x-UD5H Bios Rev. 14 Intel i3770K Colorful GTX480 Asus GT210 10.8.2 My problem is that i can't get both graphics working together. I can only work with HD4000. I have generated EFI strings to HD4000 and GraphicsEnabler=No installed latest Nvidia Drivers and set MacPro 3.1 definition and iMac 12,2. I can't see desktop. HD 4000 set in bios 32 MB. I've tried with both graphics card that i have GTX480 and GT 210. Scene 1 HD 4000, Graphics Enabler= Yes. It works. Scene 2 HD 4000, GrapihcsEnabler = No, Efi Strings for HD 4000. It works. Scene 3 HD 4000 set off in bios, GTX 480 GraphicsEnabler=yes, i can't get desktop. It doesn't work. Scene 4 HD 4000 set off in bios, GTX 480 GraphicsEnabler=no, i can't get desktop. It doesn't work. Scene 5 HD 4000, GTX 480 GraphicsEnabler=yes, i can't get desktop. It doesn't work. Scene 6 HD 4000 Efi Strings for HD 4000, GTX 480 GraphicsEnabler=no, i can't get desktop. It doesn't work. I have tried with GT 210 with same result. I've i put a discrete GPU i can't boot totally. I need to put a nvidia card to get CUDA. ThankYou for all
  6. Asus maximus IV Gene-Z Hackintosh

    Yes i have installed ML in my ASUS IV Extreme Z. It works perfect if you want i can give you my DSDT it works flawlessly. I have overclocked to 4,8 GHZ with SSDT.
  7. I have updated bios. With the latest bios you can't apply the patch for this motherboard, because asus have updated it. Please if someone if able to patch and get working audio dsdt injection and sata injection for the latest bios update. BIOS revision is Version 3203 and all the info that we have is for 1004. Please could someone update, or tell me how to downgrade bios. I can't. Thank you Don't work audio injection ESata Patch to SpeedStepper
  8. Asus maximus IV Gene-Z Hackintosh

    Yes. I have update my board, and now i have problems patching it with olarila patch for this mobo. I could't get work DSDT audio injection and SATA. Could somebody updates patch for it ?? Thank you. I can't find in the new bios JMB0 and JMB1.
  9. GTX 590?

    I have working GTX590. Update to 10.7.3 and use nvidia new drivers. I have 9800 GT and 590 GTX in the same machine. Is working with EFI strings.
  10. tarjeta wireless mini pci e

    Yo tengo una Dell 1490 y me va perfecta. La conseguí en el Ebay por unos 12 €. El Osx la reconoce como Airport. Vamos perfecto