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  1. HP DV Series Whitelist BIOS hack

    hi @ll!! after some time i'm back to this forum! i can say that modded F59 works well on dv6755el and dv6735! great work,is there a way to unlock the bios for other options? ty
  2. hi! did you clean the disk and then create the 3 partitions with mac install utilitties and then install windows? if yes ,only for the HSF+ do a new format without extended journal,i will advise you to make the partitions--> install MACOs and then windows
  3. hi,you have 2 things you can do: 1. use your sd to boot---> insert the sd in netbook off,start the netbook and keep pressing f9 when you see the boot page enter in your mac partition when you boot in mac take it out ,run netbookinstaller and choose ONLY the first one(chameleon boot) go in extra and replace the general extensions ,delete the mkext in extra and system then run the rubber shoe and reboot 2. in boot screen without the sd inserted write recovery=y wait and it will boot,do the same thing as obbove then go with my guide and continue the update going up every time one by one 10.6.4-5-6-7 and always use the combo version and not the delta.. tell me if everything is ok good job everything sleeps now ...
  4. i know it,no need for new files just do a right click->extract files->miscellaneous->keep brocken files on mac do the same,even thow it gives errors the files are ok,dont worry
  5. for now sleep does not work!working on it.... if you put it to sleep it goes in : deep sleep
  6. Mac Startup Sound App

    could someone help me install this??? i cant...
  7. volume control doesn't work

    question: do you have DSDT installed?after installing voodoohda have you ran the rubber shoe?
  8. volume control doesn't work

    here you go VoodooHDA.kext.rar
  9. volume control doesn't work

    go in my post here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=198559 and download the general extensions,take from inside the voodooHDA.kext,it works well with mute
  10. HP mini 110 WiFi

    normally in 10.6 and installing NBI you wont have problems with this card.... if you change the id,you have to change the "4318" in "4315" and not the 4311
  11. hp mini 1000

    try using my guide here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=198559
  12. Netbookbootmaker on HP Compaq Mini 702EA help needed

    try starting from an SD card (that has a mac image) pressing f9 at boot.when in boot select choose your mac partition ,it will start ,when in macos install the NBI not NBM
  13. it is inpossible that you dont have bios!!!!!have tried to login pressing the f10 button before the netbook boots up?did you take off battery and plug for 5min?have you tried to boot from your sdcard?are you sure that it is not your screen that its broken? otherwise it will be nicer to make a clean start.if you have things that you dont want to loose from your mac partition or win(if you have dual boot)grab a linux distro and start from the usb
  14. what version of BIOS do you have? try booting from the SD card,if everything is installed fine you will see : osdvd (sdcard),macosx (your new installed),NTFS (windows ,if dual boot). you can try booting in macosx if you get in run the new app from meklort, if you cant, reboot - always with sdcard- ,start osdvd .dont install again,go to utilities and run NBI and then reboot. try these and tell me