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    Q6600 SpeedStep and performance

    But without speedstep my quartz is about 220-230 points, opengl about 100-110. Much better, when without speedstep. Any ideas, why it is? Maybe it somehow connected with my low-power psu (500v, i heared this is a minimal bound for gtx260 and q6600). But on Windows i don't get any troubles, games and other stuff works fine.
  2. Hello mates! I got performance issues after enabling speedstep (MacPro3,1 model). Temperature is about 38-40, but interface is working worse (effects like hiding or opening windows are not smooth), xbench quartz score is about 150-160, gl score - 86. video fired up using dsdt. any ideas why so low performance? p.s. without speedstep my video works perfect, smoothly and without any lags
  3. iDogma

    Troubles with dock

    Hello! When my dock is full (i mean, it takes space from the right border of the screen to left border) - i got low performance, slow and laggy animation and other. wtf? any suggestions? My hardware: Gigabyte 965P-DS3 // Core2Duo 4400 2ghz // 3gb ddr2 800 // 9800GTX.
  4. iDogma

    Reboot problem

    Installed Retail 10.5.4. Updated with 10.5.6 combo update and installed Universal OSx86 Installer. And then try to reboot - system dies (in -v mode) on something related to Yukon contoller (cant remember what exactly. How to fix it? Shut down works fine. hardware: gigabyte 965p-s3 / core2duo 4400
  5. iDogma

    Cant complete installation

    Anyone, please help me :'(
  6. Hello! Sorry, i'm newbie in boot132:( I have trouble in the end of installation. Installer cant complete installation, because cant load from my hd (at least says so). My hardware is: Gigabyte 965P-S3 rev3.3 / Core2Duo 4400 / 3gb ddr2 800 / 2 hdd: wd 320gb sata (with win xp) and samsung 150 gb sata (for mac). i formated my samsung hd in guid, and install osx on it. and got this error help me please
  7. iDogma

    E-Mu 0202

    Hello everyone! Can anybody explain me, why my E-mu 0202 doesn't work on Leo 10.5.1. Tried drivers from cd, from emu website - nothing ( But i can see my card in System Profiler. Btw, then i turn on my card (using Level knob - the indicator of power lights very dimly and gradually dies away. How i can resolve my problems? ps - Sorry for my english