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  1. Hi, just got meself a shiny new macbook pro. of course, now that i have an intel machine i wanna play some games however, i also need some xp action for a bit of work (IE mostly and a bit of Office). Anyway, i did a full install of XP and it now takes up about 2 GB of space. I played around with TinyXP before on other virtual machines, but was wondering if any of them have problems with Direct X (for games) and whether all the relevant drivers have been installed for the mac. i would also be interested if anyone has actually created a slipstreamed version of tinyxp (or similar) with all the drivers pre installed cheers,
  2. any one had any luck/information regarding an install on the Dell Latitude D630. i'm interested in whether the following work (since they differ a little from the D620): - new graphics card (Intel GMA X3100) - the wireless (Dell Wireless 1390) - the built in ethernet work (no idea what it is) - bluetooth (Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module). Thanks!
  3. Hi, i have the usual problem of the fact that my bcm5751 driver reports the mac address of the card as 00:00:00:00:00:00. unforunately, i cannot use this mac addresss on my network, and changing it with ifconfig causes the machine to completely freeze. after trawling through the various posts on this (great) forum, i still can't find a resolution. the nearest i got was a couple of posts by dongzhi and moondark, who talked about hacking the hex on the driver to report an appropriate mac address. so i tried the download, and after some fiddling i actually managed to get it to work! but with dongzhi's ethernet address... but after a reboot, the 'port' became disabled and i got a message saying that the driver was not 'authentic' or something, and now i can't get it back up. i then tried to patch dongzhi's kext with my own ethernet address, but now i get error mapping module file com.apple.iokit.AppleBCM5751Ethernet can't map com.apple.iokit.AppleBCM5751Ethernet in preparation for loading Can't determine dependencies for com.apple.iokit.AppleBCM5751Ethernet. Couldn't alloc class "BCM5751Enet" and yep, i used moondark's promiscuous mode startupitem. and yep, i clear the caches each time. the machine i have is a dell optiplex gx 280 (not sure what revision etc the nic is). any ideas?
  4. hi, i have had my dell gx280 mac running with 10.4.7 fine for a while; i had even got the networking working with a pci card. however, i recently unplugged the network cable to move the machine, and plugged it back in... and wham! no network now. the switch is fine, and i even get a link light. however, i just cannot get the link back up. on the status page it did report that the cable was not connected, but i knew that was lying, so i went ahead and removed the device from the 'network port configurations' list. i then rebooted and tried to add the card again. it shows up on the list as soon as i ran the network control panel... clicked 'apply'... and nothing i can configure the card but nothing responds (i can't even see any traffic from the card on the network); Also, there is absolutely nothing listed under the 'Network Status' dropdown (even though there is a 'network port' configured'). i know the card has been detected; i can see it in the pci cards list on the system profiler, and it if found under the port configurations... but i can't do anything with it! any help would be much appreciated! thanks, === extra details === system profiler says: Type: ethernet controller bus: pci slot: pci_1 vendor id: 0x1011 device id: 0x0009 (this seems to be a "tulip" "DEC|DECchip 21140 [FasterNet]" card, on the physical card, it says that it's a netgear fa310tx) the console says that kernel[0]: DEC21x4: Ethernet address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx