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  1. Thanks Dojomann! I've a TX1140ea. If try to install the AzaliaAudio from the site, leo doesn't start. I must remove the AudioFamily dir to startup. I'll try the Taruga patch, but I don't know what is my audio VEN and DEV (i have removed win).


    If anyone have other info, please describe the steps...



    EDIT: mmmm, with TarugaALC862Installer2.zip doesn't work.... Idon't know if i must downgrade the bios.... Dooh! Only the audio doesn't work.... I have the 99% functionality i think!

  2. I have a TX1140ea tablet pc and have installed Leo4all V3 ....unfortunately the V2 did not want to install in no way whatsoever! So.. I have ethernet working with the Forcedeth V pkg, sound with azalia, correct screen res with the Nvidia kexts from the TX1000 zip file (tried removing the IONDrive kext but had to put it back after no booting at all after) also installed the PS2Controller kext after having big trouble booting , it only booted if Synaptics Touchpad V.6.3 came up during verbose mode. Wifi still no go but i use the Sitecom 3ooN dongle with some drivers I found on their site (railink 2870 usb from some other dongle) it really goes fast so I'll stick with it for the time being :) I still have several problems on booting as the 'IOKit waiting for quiesce' sometimes freezes , looking around it's something to do with the network card so maybe i have to disable it from the bios...will be trying this later, meanwhile if anyone has any ideas about this small matter i would be grateful. All in all mac os x goes really fast and smoothly so I'm trying things out on tiptoe so as not to have to install again! I have never used mac in my life before so it's enjoyable to try this out :D . Skype functions with usb phone though no audio through on board headphones, MP4 play fine, as does iTunes with my iPod Touch (which is what set me on to Mac), multi media reader works with anything put in it , express card.....haven't tried this yet but i will soon.



    Turion x2 AMD

    Realtek audio

    Broadcom 4321 wifi

    Nforce nic

    Nvidia Geforce 6150 Go 64MB shared memory


    Can you describe me how you have installed audio please? I'm trying several days but without results... ;) Thanks a lot!