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  1. easy fix if you have KextHelperb7 just use that to install the Seatbelt.kext works the same for me at least
  2. Dell 1521 help

    GOD this is complete :censored2: two people are trying to get this working but for over 6 months since the question was asked NO ONE HELPED! at least it would have been nice of someone to tell me i was SOL but NOTHING!!! its so :censored2: aggravating and if your reading this and you have OSX 10.5.X working on your DELL 1521 AMD LAPTOP and you have audio working and video working and surviving and everything is working as its suppost to then you owe it to us (the community) to tell us how you did it ! but if you just sit there and do nothing and stew in your happyness while we are sitting back trying everthing known to man to get our :censored2: working then your a :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: and should be hunted down and killed :pirate2:
  3. Dell 1521 help

    Yea i got the same probs this is like the secound time i installed osx the first time it was on Tiger and then this time it was lepord. lepord of course is on my laptop right now but i cant figure out a way to make the video and the sound work every thing else works grate!!!! PLS if anyone got the same computer and they got there sound and video working pls tell us