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  1. sch8mid

    ATI HD 5770

    Youre welcome .- ) yes .. Aseres BL was my first successfull attempt to get 64 bit with the HD 5770 way back in summer but right now .. kabyl and the new cham bl ... thats the way to go and you see... your Open Cl results are very fast ! best armin
  2. sch8mid

    ATI 6850

    on paper Barts has 5d shaders. , a direct descendant of the Evergreen series. Barts doesn't have double-precision FP capabilities. That seems to imply that the cores are more closely related to Juniper or Redwood than Cypress It uses a redwood memory controller & the same shaders as redwood. "It s 140% "Juniper with a different memory controller". (edit: different ratio's for the TMU'd & ROP's of course)"**** , and that may be the reason of no FP64 support. *** barts genealogy
  3. sch8mid

    ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    mac ati cards usually are not clocked as high as their windows counterparts so modifying the bios may be good for Win 7 but not for OSX 10.6 I would try to flash it back to a lower clock(usually your problems will be gone after reflashing)
  4. sch8mid

    ATI 6850

    maybe vervet works , 6xxx are juniper derived chips... only a thought ...
  5. sch8mid

    ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    you have to read the whole thread exactly ... before screwing your system . you dont need ATI_init , if you boot in 64 bit and use Aseres BL. test your system with OPENGL extensionsviewer to see if QE is enabled .. i dont think it is.
  6. sch8mid

    ATI 6850

    its a preview with 1 core you are right slow ? you are not right encodes a 1 min 720 p H.264 movie with 3 Mbit into a720 p H.264 movie with 998 Kbit in : 12 seconds this is on an I 7 950 @ 3,6 GHz 6-8-6-20 Mushkin Redline @ 1600 and a stock ATI HD 5770
  7. sch8mid

    ATI 6850

    Yepp ..not bad at all .second that A small silver stripe on the horzon is , that Apple HD 5870 cards are currently anavailable... and the 6850 perfectly fits in the current and future Apple Mac Pro line (OpenCl-Power- low Powerconsumption-low temps) ... So may be (lets hope a little bit) that they have a closer look at these cards right now in Cupertino CA. And Nicer would be if these unholy relationships between Apple and Adobe and ATI ,NVidia and Intel would come to an end : Adobes Creative stuff and its Mercuryengine on OPENCL AND ATI Hardware .
  8. sch8mid

    ATI 6850

    Did you flash the normal Gigabyte Bios and use a newer Cham BL (not Cartris) ? (see my post above) But we see the awaited behaviour , tiny hope that theres a HD 6000 controller in the final 10.6.5
  9. sch8mid

    ATI 6850

    with cartri bios you will not be able to get neither the HD 5xxx nor the 6xxx to work because the supplied Bl vers. 0.7 and 0.8 will load an incorrect framebuffer (motmot) for the ATI 4xxx series. caveat:before trying to flash the 6xxx I would wait for an updated RBE _125 bios editor normally RBE-125 is updated when new ATI cards come out some weeks later. ********** but may be RB 125 is able to load the 6xx bios . 10.6.5 is ante portas (I heard a new combo update is out , thats normaly a good sign that we will see the update soon.) Apple ATIs 5870 are currently completely out of stock , hopefully thats another sign that Apple tooks a closer look at the new 6xx series now and not 2 years later... wish you the very best , guys. EDIT : *********Its here ...support for 6850/70 today ! BIOS Editor 1.26 http://www.guruht.com/2010/10/techpowerup-...r-tool-126.html
  10. these 5870 fly with OpenCL you may search for "Starfire" its an OpenCl based H.264 videoencoder it will be fun to see the encoding speed of this GPU
  11. sch8mid

    ATI 6850

    yepp .. I wish you all the very best guys and not so many arrows ..this is a very nice card in fact - designed like the 5770 should have been designed from the beginning with 256 bit interface one hope: Miss Juniper is very forgiving with flashing in fact I flashed her (sapphire 5770 rev.3) 6 or seven times and she liked it. for the early adopters : if possible I would look for a Sapphire 68xx , in my OSx86 ATI career I saw a lot of cards and Sapphire often were the ones which were closest to ATIs reference design. @rschultz Starfire should work with nVidia as well ,as nvidia has support for OpenCl as well Forget Xbench -tests--this is code from 2003 - useful OSX graph. tests : Cinebench 11.5 --Smallux GPU - OpenGlextensionsviewer best s
  12. look at my HD 5770 Cinebench and OpenCl-database in my sig (i7 results stock and oc) CPU and Ramspeed impacts the OpenGl results in Cinebench 11.5 by a high margin Apple usually clocks cards lower than their PC counterparts by about 10 % but their driver implementation a.t.m. is extremely weak I am sure that with a little more time and a 64 bit win 7 100 fr. would be in reach. :-) so far i had one run with 90,2 fr. @ 950/1400 and thats with a 100 Euro HD 5770 ...
  13. sch8mid

    OS X 10.7 is Lion

    yepp .. same here... what happened to Apple ? back to the Mac ? stuck in Disneyland. "When it comes to Lion itself, there isn't really anything that I see that I would need or use." Right
  14. concrete evidence for > 50 fr ?