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  1. mhkmichaell

    OpenCore Discussion

    If anyone wanted a working EFI for Probook 6470b. For me work better than with clover. More responsive. EFI-MHK.zip
  2. mhkmichaell

    OpenCore Discussion

    I think the scanpolicy is ok because I put that same USB stick to my PC and everything is visable and I can run instalation. HP uefi is f*** up I think and OC can’t properly scan for disk. Only HP user know what I meen.
  3. mhkmichaell

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello. Anybody can help me with this? My probook 6470b. Another HP laptop on this forum with this problem. Can’t choose: „Install Catalina... etc.” and „Recovery”. If I use that same USB in PC everything is ok. Problem is with HP. No matter what Setting i’ve set in config, kext, efi, acpi. Any sollution? What should I do to boot OpenCore MacOs instalalation on HP laptop? Help!
  4. mhkmichaell

    OpenCore Discussion

    Same problem with my probook 6470b. Do you resolve the problem? OC USB works fine when I plug to the PC. Install, recovery, everything is ok. But on my HP is like on your picture. When USB starts auto I’ve got only black screen. I must choose Boot from Efi and than boot from Boot.efi and only then I can see oc bootmenu but there is No Instalation image. Can someone help with this?