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  1. SCSI_2k

    [Guide] Installing Mountain Lion.

    Mountain Lion installed fine on my GA-P35-DS3R / ATI 4850 but booting to the desktop is a no go. Startup stops at ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin
  2. Awesome info. I will be trying this out! Thanks everyone!
  3. SCSI_2k

    GA-P35-DS3R V1.0 No Sleep (10.6.1)

    I have the same board and rev as yours. What guide and kexts did you use to install SL? I am currently using 10.5.7. Hopefully we will find a fix for the sleep problem in SL. Thanks! ======= GA-P35-DS3R Intel Q6600 ATI 3850
  4. SCSI_2k

    Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    To install the kexts for your motherboard, you can use the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3x Control Center here. As for booting with the generic iso, you can create a small partition on your HD and boot from that. Check chameleon.
  5. I also have a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R rev 1 and I'm also looking for a boot-123 ISO for it.
  6. Markus, did you install OSX using a retail disk? If you did, can you post a link to the boot123 cd that you used? I have a GA-P35-DS3 (Rev.1) also and trying to reinstall OSX and will be using Chameleon. I used Kalyway to install OSX before. Thanks!
  7. SCSI_2k

    Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Been trying to install this and it keeps rebooting before it gets to the OSX setup. I tried different ISOs and also elastic's ISO but still the same issue. If the SATA control mode in the BIOS is set to anything but IDE, it won't boot the installation DVD. Leo4Allv3 install fine but after it finishes install OSX and reboots, it will just keep on rebooting. Could this be an issue with my video card? It's good to know that boxer82003 who has the same board as mine managed to install it. I even tried using SATA HD and an SATA LG DVD-ROM and no luck whatsoever. To boxer82003: What BIOS version are you using with your P35-DS3R? I currently have F9 bios on a Rev 1.1 board.
  8. SCSI_2k

    Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    I was so excited to download Sabr's ISO but then I noticed it's for a GA-965-DS3 Can anyone with a GA-P35-DS3R share their boot CD?
  9. Awesome work guys. Somehow I keep getting "isolinux: image checksum error boot failed" when booting the ISO with modified kext. Using a P35-DS3R, Pioneer 111D ATA, Q6600, ATI 3750, 4GB mem. Edit: I used the ISO by KISS but I can't seem to boot from the Leopard DVD. I tried entering 80 to 89 and nothing happens. 80 and 81 see my HDs.