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  1. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Revisiting this thread to check on sleep. I really need the sleep function to work, but am a bit afraid to break anything. Any updates? Note; This concerns also my start/boot volume. @aphex6b, Dit you had it working on your start/boot volume?
  2. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    @girrr Hi, i am not the developer and i'm sure he will help. But just to get you started, you're experience reminds me of something. So,... You could look up my previous comments, and maybe try out the version that Dukzcry has sent me in response. It worked for me. Good luck!
  3. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    @drowsyhaze; That really sucks! Thanks for your feedback, hope you get a good replacement soon. I would recommend the 9260 off course :-)
  4. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    WoW! If i understand correctly; the card used to be OSX compliant, but isn't supported anymore???!??!
  5. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Thanks! But... i think that there's another problem....hardware based. Probably my motherboard. BTW; I was wondering. Shouldn't the driver of the LSI / 3WARE http://www.lsi.com/products/raid-controllers/pages/3ware-sas-9750-8i.aspx#tab/tab2 be more or less compatible with the 9260, since it's also a SAS2108 based card, and one of the few OS X compatible ones (by vendor support).
  6. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    An update.... My IBM m5014 broke down. Fortunately i had the chance to aquire an original LSI 9260-8i with BBU and 512Mb. (i have some for sale also) I also replaced my slow and unsupported WD30ERZRX with Hitachi 4TB drives All should work well, but at this point (i haven't tested and analyzed all yet) it seems that if the read/write speeds get too high, OS X will fail. It will become unresponsive... as in... no drive activity/awareness anymore, rendering it useless. So far; I de-activated disk cache, but it still happens. I recreated the array/changed properties. This helps when doing a migration from a flashed IBM to a original LSI. Apparently there are some small differences. Just change some attributes and change them back later to get it going correctly.... How could i best determine whether this is driver related? OS related? HDD related? (Which it absolutely shouldn't be!)
  7. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Still... The kext is almost 50% smaller :-) Are all SATA III (600) Be very(!) careful with the Dell H310. The chance your consumer motherboard supports it, without any backdraws, is not that good as with the other cards. Off course, if you plan to use it in a Dell workstation, you'll be golden.
  8. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    YOU! Sir, are awesome! Seems to work like a charm. BTW; Why is it so much smaller? And... will you be supporting sleep (eventually)?
  9. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hey dukzcry, i just can't thank you enough! i am actually happy to see more and more people enjoying your work I've been using your kext for a while, and i sort of found a small issue. It has to do with the visibility of the virtual disks, which is ' sort of' associated with the internal enumeration of the virtual disks. Let me explain; In windows you always see all virtual disks. In OSX this depends. It depends on the availability of the disks PREVIOUS to the actual disk number on which your install is located. I encountered this a while ago, when i just started, but disregarded it (after finding out what it was) to the firmware. In the latest firmware update an issue was solved that implied the same behaviour. But now i encounter it again. The situation is always the same; when i migrate to new disks. I found out because AFTER migrating an install, it would work.... untill i removed old disks (and associated virtual disks weren't available. when i suspected to understand this behavior, i made new virtual disks (in WebBios), and since a new VD0 was available, the boot worked. It appears that the enumeration of disks must be continous, or else it will not show the rest of the disks... IMPORTANT; Remember that if you remove disks (not deleting the virtual disks on the physical disks) the controller will remember them, causing 'gaps' in your VD enumeration. See the image attached; for some reason ID 7 doesnt have the 'MFID' string prefixed, and the partition on this VD are not visible. I suspect because there are no disks ID's 5 and 6 available. Similar situation can/will happen when you migrate your install from existing disks (hosted by the controller) to other disks on the controller. I haven fully tested all possible scenario's, and once aware you can ' circumvent' this more or less, but i thought you (and others) might like to know.. Off course i might be mistaken, but i think this is worth checking out....
  10. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Regarding Dell... Let me share an experience I tried to install a H310 in my box. Doesn't work that well; Symptoms... My 12 GB turned into 8 GB. And Triple Channel became Dual channel. Your Perc. Did you do the well known SMbios 'fix/mod' on the card. I have no experience with Dell (or any other card), but i know how to research and analyze. Dell seems to use a kind of proprietary 'bus allocation' to the memory, i would say. BTW; I am not saying or suggesting the kext is wrong, since there are a million different DSDT's out there, and they could easily be the cause of malfunctioning legacy support. My guess would be to cross translate / compare the DSDT's of the working and none working installs. My only current mods -AppleHDA -DSDT -SASMegaraid -FakeSMC Kozlec (with data fix) -r2189 Chameleon 2.2 And 1 AppleAPCIPlatform.kext The rest is vanilla.
  11. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    I'll try... But bare with me, before this issue MSI was a board maker to me, nothing more. I did read up on it, and it appears as if the DMA can get into some HW conflict (like the USB issue described before). I guess that depends on how good or bad your DSDT is. In any case... What happened was that my drives on the ICH10R ports would not mount. But are visible to the system. As a result the Tuxera NTFS driver would also yield some errors. The worst was that somehow my system disk (on the card) was also effected. I couldn't rebuild kernel caches, and when booting from another (not raid card partition) disk operations (repair, etc) on the raid partition would fail. As i said before; it's quite simple to explain it in a generic way. Generic because of the diversity in DSDT's. What i do understand is that MSI is a not DMA related alternative way of doing some signaling. when using DMA the chance of conflicting seems higher. As i recall; I made 2 virtual disks. i thought i enabled write back on both of them. This wasn't the case. At first i left read ahead on normal (i don't have the adaptive option), after i changed it to read ahead. So Driver install on 2 NOT raid card based partitions (SL & ML) Verified that it works. Cloned ML (10.8.2) to a virtual disk on the card Verified that it works. Updated to 10.8.3 - it still works, but i have some other 10.8.3 issues. Changed some behaviour on the raid card. everything is read ahead and write back now Trouble! It wasn't clear to me this was Raid related. Lot's of other fixes. tries to solve some issues (some of which prevented kextcaches to be rebuild) Wiped the faulty partition. Cloned it again. Now it gets interesting; Still or rather new strange disk related behaviour. verified this behaviour on Untouched partitions, when booted via the Raid virtual disk partitions boot loader. Changed to MSI on 1 partition. Verified the (positive) effect. Changed to MSI on a second partition. Verified the expected behaviour. Never looked back. MSI it is. Read up on MSI, what it does/is/replaces.... Drew my conclusions! I hope this helps!
  12. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hi, just wanted to let Dukzcry know i'm very grateful for this great project. Got me a IBM m5014 Flashed it to the latest FW of a LSI 9260 Installed the driver It works I boot from the card MSI enabled; speaking of which. I experienced some very strange behavior. Not from MSI but from DMA. After i installed/copied ML to the partition and started working on it and updating it, i ran into an issue. A very serious issue. I eventually started over. At a certain point i realized this behaviour was invoked by enabling write back and / or read ahead AFTER i installed the driver and was working with it. I did some comparative testing to verify and even a untouched partition was displaying problems because of this issue. To put it short; MSI works/and performs better/more stable. (at least in my config) i7 - Asus P6T board. i will be testing SSD Cachecade on this setup and migrating both windows and mac to new disks soon. If there's anything worthy reporting, i'll let you know. Thanks again!
  13. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Sorry for asking stupid questions. i already read it. And i read it again.... the answer is right there! Thanks :-)
  14. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Still following this thread with great interest... But,.. what should i look for to determine whether a card will work or not? Will this one work; DELL PERC H310 And,...is it possible to boot from it?
  15. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Sure! Please do :-)