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  1. $5 to my name right now... I will throw it in! i want resolutions!
  2. I'm Stuck at 1024 x 768 x 32 I've tried the 830 drivers and the 915 drivers. I have tried changing the preferences so that it will at least set the resolution at start up. tried darwin disk drivers... nothing is working. 10.4.5 recognized every single other thing in my system tho... I just need QE and Resolutions so that I can get 1650x1050 and be able to use photoshop. I've searched for days on this. Dell Dimension 3000 3.0 HT P4 768 MB Ram 865G Graphics
  3. 10.4.5 Prepatched DVD (Hot news for all)

    I did not download this and install it 10.4.4 did not say that i was running at 3 ghz 10.4.5 does not say that I am running at 3.6 ghz for some reason ( because i am not running this of course) xbench does not say that my system is 15 points faster using 10.4.5 then 10.4.4... I dont know anything about ps/2 working with 10.4.5 but not with 10.4.4 i dont know that itunes will install but not the security update (because i did not do it that would be illegal) if apple releases future updates for sale for their intel computers and i buy it and modify it for for my x86, is that legal? or is modification of their software not recommended in their license? I did not read it because of coarse, I did not install it....