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  1. Any news on Ati mobility 2600HD ?

    Don't know if anyone are working on it tbh. ? im sorry if we keep spamming about this graphics card, but it would be nice to know if any progress is being done on the mobility cards
  2. Any news on Ati mobility 2600HD ?

    Im just wondering if theres any news regarding this graphics card? if any developers need some testrabbits or anything..
  3. Weird Graphics at Boot

    i did what you said, and now im able to log in and modified the boot strings so i got 11**x8** ress :censored2: i just hope for a solution to the ati radeon hd 2600 mobility soon :'( and ofc to my wifi intel 39** well thanks for your help bob
  4. Weird Graphics at Boot

    and what would the command be for that bobbobson? is it possible to make it permanent too?
  5. Weird Graphics at Boot

    bump, as this is exactly the same problem i have on my toshiba p200 with an ati mobility 2600HD card btw. is it possible to boot in normal mode, but without the *not-working* graphics drivers? as its perfectly possible for me to boot into safeboot -x, .. i could live with the lower resolution, if it was possible to actually use my hackintosh without being in safemode without sound etc.. ?
  6. Installing iAtkos on Dell C400

    have you tried it yet? as im also having an old Dell C400.. but dunno which type i should download, as i dont know if the chipset is remotely supported :/
  7. Hi, im relative new to all this osx86, but recently installed iAtkos 2.0i on my toshiba p200 no problems installing, but when i boot in normal mode the screen will go nuts after the apple grey logo. If i choose to boot with -x tag im able to use MAC OS without problem, in 1024*768 ofc, but im able to change setting etc.. my graphics card is an ATI mobility 2600HD, and i realise it isnt the best atm, driver vice. I wanna know if its possible to somehow remove the drivers when booting in normal mode, so i get the standard drivers, instead of constantly have to run in safemode (without sound etc) hope for a fast reply