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    Hi, I have a few questions guys, What is the point of this? From what I can tell you still need all the files and setting that are used in the normal hackintosh bootloader's. All we are doing is making it harder to change settings / bootloader once we implement it into the BIOS. I can see that it would be nice not to have to modify the Apple installers to install the OS and just boot the USB drive right after making it from the App store... But the con's do out weigh the pro's Is there anything new here? Am I missing something or is it just a new way to play around with? Let me know what you think, Thanks Ross
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    DSDT editor and patcher

    Hi BugsB, I have read a lot of your posts re the Dell 745, I think you have a SFF? I have the larger DFF (full size DVD drive) I have been trying to get different parts working on the system. Maybe you can help? I'm using Onboard audio, onboard network and a powercolour 5450 graphics card (512MB) I have the same problem as you with Lion, I have to disable kernel cache for the system to find the SATA controller! I had to setup a DSDT and edit it to use the PCIRoot correctly. With this set the framebuffer is know loaded for the graphics. I got a member of the bootloader dev team to add my card subid's. So it gets reported as a 5450 and not a 5430m. I have editted the Voodoohda and added my device ID for the audio and HMDI. I have a problem here! The onboard sound works but I can't get the HDMI to work!! Also in sound pref I can only select HDMI? Have you got round this? Also i'm have problems with sleep, it just don't work!! The display goes black and the fans are still on. I cant get the system out of this state… i have to reset the system. Have you got this working? I have a very small number of kext in the extra folder, if you like I will report what they are? Any help from anyone would be great, thanks, Ross
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    OS X 10.7 (Lion) install on Dell Optiplex 745

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble with a powercolor hd 5450 512mb graphics card. I have gone though all your post and tried all your steps. The card still is seen as a 5430m. I have added my DID to both the ATI Kent files ( checking back again, it seem to already have my DID in them) the DID is 0x68E11002 I have tried PCIRootUID=1 (I tried 0 to 4 tho I know it's 1 by the readout) When I have GE set to no or use the wrong PCIRootUID it loads the card as a 5000, when it's running as this the VGA,HDMI and DVI work. Buy DVD player will crash as you all know. When it's reported as a 5430m only the VGA works!! What am I doing wrong.... Can someone help me out as I'm wasting some much free time on this.... I don't mind doing a fresh install of Lion. I have used myhack3.1 to install. The system mb is a p5kPl-am, tho I do have a dell 745 DFF here as well. Thanks for your time, Ross
  4. Thanks for your quick reply guys... Will keep an eye out just in case this is fixed..
  5. Hi, this question is all that have this board working in OSX. Can you got the HD playback to work 100%... Or does it skip or the like. I would like to use this in part as a media center and having smooth playback is a must! Thanks guy, if I got for this setup I will report back on how all is going. Thanks, CM
  6. Ahh, sorry did not see your post, I have fixed the problem with trackpad by installing VoodooPS2Controller.kext. I have not been to the links yet, might be the same way.. Will check it out! Thanks.. Anyone got any clues with the shutdown?? Thanks guys
  7. Hi, and thanks for the very cool script! The install all when 100% on 1st boot had to disable the DSDT file (DSDT=nothing.aml) else I got a KP. I now have a problem with the trackpad! It will not work at all??, I have the pen which works. So far I have not added any extra kexts. In Leo, I got sound,graphics (full support) ,Wlan(replaced onboard intel) pen(100%),bluetooth,finger print reader and card reader all working... but never shutdown or sleep! If anyone can help on the trackpad would be great, also I have never got this system to shutdown all the way with OSX (Leo or SL) is this to do with the DSDT Any help guys thanks **UPDATE** I got the trackpad working by installing VoodooPS2Controller.kext Also just added sound, but I know that would be fine. Still need help with shutdown tho! :-) Thanks