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  1. thanks so much man, it worked how did you know / figure out this ?
  2. yeah i was wondering if someone know where i can find the included icon in leopard style ? or if there is someone here with icon making skills, if they could make it ? here is the icns exported as a tiff http://img221.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tigerhdtv8.tif
  3. Two finger right-click fix

    yes, but you have to use an external program, i dont remember what its called.
  4. Problem on 10.5 here:

    there is a thread about this, its been here for a week or so. its called something about only a quarter of the screen - spaces bug.
  5. hackand, thanks that worked, but i only get a blue screen when im done with choosing language etc. i tried to reboot with no luck this is getting very annoying.
  6. did'nt you use the install disks that came with your MBP ? cause they work fine for me... try borrowing discs from someone you know and then try to install 10.5 from inside OSX, by launching OSinstall.mpkg in System > Install > Packages i think it was, on the dvd / image which you can mount in osx.
  7. Leopard DMG won't mount

    did you use the newest winrar / macpar ?
  8. i have the same problem on a 15" MBP.. i REALLY want a solution for this so i can test this lovely OS
  9. Leopard Installation Method

    i actually payed for that {censored} program.. it cant resize or anything, crappy program. partition magic for windows can resize the boot partition and create new, merge and convert filesystems, and lots of stuff, ipartition couldnt do anything to neither the boot partition ( Tiger) or the partition i created for leopard. iPartition =
  10. it probably would if they were copying from you
  11. Leopard Installation Method

    thanks =D btw now i have another weird graphical bug, the graphics only appear in the lower left corner so i cant get past the welcome procedure... does anyone know something i can do to fix this ?
  12. Leopard Installation Method

    this is weird, i made a partition with boot camp, formatted it to HFS Journaled with my OSX discs ( rebooted) and then followed your CCC guide, which seemed to work until i got to the part where i select which drive / partition i want to install leopard on... it only showed my tiger partition, and the ccc clone image was on leopard which was the only partition i could select ( obviously, the partition i made for testing 10.5 ) so now im not sure what to do.. i couldnt burn the image to a DVD cause i only had one dvd left and i got a weird error saying it could not calibrate the laser to burn this disc.. ah well ill just buy some dvds tomorrow and burn it. EDIT Hey Wait! i think i did it ! i remembered there was a way to install without rebooting, just start OSInstall.mkpg from the dvd. now im installing it on the right partition =D
  13. Leopard Installation Method

    it looks as if it works just usind disk utility and choosing convert, and converting the image to a read / write image, and then just remove xcode..
  14. Leopard Installation Method

    i still havent figured out how to remove xcode so i can burn to a SL DVD. even though ive read about several people who managed to remove xcode. so if someone could explain that in simple terms that would've been greatly appreciated.
  15. 10.4.5 Boot Problem

    oh come on! someone must know something about this.