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  1. Thanks everyone on here who help me on my issue with the booting into a black screen using intel hd graphics 630. Morselina off olarila forums has solved this issue. Use boot arguments lilucpu=8 and then go to Devices, properties and change device-id = 19160000 and AAPL platform to 00001B19 This spoofs the Graphics card to an intel hd graphics 530. I also want to say Thanks to uzair12321 of tonyMacx86 forums who also help me on this issue.
  2. Thanks for this. I have just tried this and it crashes. Thanks again for your efforts.
  3. Thanks for your help. It boots up to a black screen again and when you plug an HDMI in it crash’s.
  4. Yes Sorry, I open Plist and could not work out how to see or change the values. I’m using TextEdit. Thanks for doing this for me. I have tried the plist and it still boots up to a black screen on the laptop but no image now on the output from the HDMI. I just got white noise now.
  5. How do I edit the framebuffer con 1? Do I use the software in the picture?
  6. Thanks I’ll give this a go later. fingers crossed
  7. I have made a few changes with no joy. here are my new debug and plist files debug_27463.zip config.plist
  8. Thanks for your help. I will have a go after work, it maybe a bit advanced for me but will be a good learning curve. Is there a good pilist editor to use?
  9. Thanks for your help C & D both get stuck booting in the same place. I have attached a picture for D
  10. Thanks for your help. This one also gets stuck in the same place test A
  11. Thanks for this. This one also gets stuck on boot. See picture below
  12. Thanks for this. I have tried to boot and it gets stuck booting. see pics below.
  13. Hi Everyone,Im new to this and hopefully someone can help me. I have installed Mojave 10.14.1 on my Dell Inspiron 1577 laptop. What ever I do can not get the intel HD graphics 630 to work probably. It see's the intel HD Graphics 630 7MB.I have select smbois 14.3 in clover configurator. I have tried loads of fixes that I have seen on YouTube from forums with no joy. I have attached my config.plist and a debug file. If someone would be able to have a look for me. I would be most appreciate it.I have had a friend that has tried to patch the config plist using Hackintool as it was saying I had another graphics card installed. He managed to change it to the Intel HD graphics 630. I have also got whatevergreen and Lilu Kent installed. config.plist debug_1420.zip