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  1. Marvell 88e8057 Kext

    I have the Yukon 88e8071 I wish I could get that working
  2. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    Hey guys I thought I'd help out with the Gateway 7805u community here. As we can try to get everything to work with these beasts. Now who wants media keys to work ???? Here's how !! First download butler app > http://butler.en.softonic.com/mac install to your app folder Second download this config file > http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZHDKKNZR Simply double click on the config file and butler will ask you to either overwrite or insert the configurations, you pick insert Also go to butler preferences and make sure it's starts up with osx so that they work every time. So select start with login. Now enjoy you media keys !!! Now we need, o2 card reader, yukon lan, webcam and intel wifi to work We are so very close to a fully operational mac Also if anyone wants their firewire to work go to system>library>extensions and delete appleHPET.kext your firewire will work right away. If you are having issues with your dvd drive continously loading every 10-15 min, simply go to energy saver in your preferences and uncheck put your disks to sleep and voila good to go !
  3. Dvd drive keeps loading

    Yeah man, I think it worked. So far I had it on for like 40-45 min last night and it never loaded! Thanks man
  4. Dvd drive keeps loading

    Cool I'll test and post back.
  5. Dvd drive keeps loading

    Maybe someone will have a fix soon, I even tried disabling it from the bios and still no dice...
  6. Hey there, I have a Gateway p7805u model. I installed iAtkos v7 10.5.7 and everything went perfectly well. Everything that currently works for the model is working but my only annoyance is that every 10-15 min that dvd loads i.e checks for media. It's kind of annoying because I'm sure all you Gateway 7800 users know that the DVD drive is kinda loud. Dunno if it's just me or if anyone else has a solution. Thanks, Adam-
  7. Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN driver is available?

    I think I just got a stiffy
  8. MARVELL YUKON 88E8071

    Darn I need this driver too .. and the intel 5100 ohhh well
  9. Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 5100 ABGN

    Ha the only direction you should be going is buying a usb wifi. No one has come up with drivers yet and the only one that was making one seems to have vanished... So no luck for us on the 5100
  10. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    I am so glad someone is working on this... Any new news on this project ? I'm sure theres alot of people that are as excited as I am for this driver. Thanks again
  11. tuneup? random crash

    Well certainly you can try running multiple programs at the same time ie: Adobe, Vmware, Ilife Do you have over 4 gigs of ram ?
  12. tuneup? random crash

    Reboot with debug=0x100 at darwin prompt to see what cashing the crash
  13. File Download will cause Kernel Panic!

    Reboot with debug=0x100 too see what the kp is and not shutdown/restart
  14. Big Problem! PC ground to a halt!

    Boot with debug=0x100 and see what's causing your kernel panics/freezing