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  1. Сlicking on this link in Safari froze my Hackintosh, so deeply that even the Magic Touchpad 2 doesn’t work (no click). In Chrome - OK. In Safari on MacBook Pro Retina 2014 - OK. What does it mean?
  2. Resolved myself. My mistake was login iMessage with just created test AppleId (not my real). I cleaned system as wrote in https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/an-idiots-guide-to-imessage.196827/ and login with real AppleId. Works fine. Again Great thanks @AudioGod and @Sharkus for their work - all works!
  3. Hello, everybody! Great thanks @AudioGod and @Sharkus for their work. Via your manuals I successfully installed Catalina 10.15.2 on Z390 Elite. Works SideCar and I am not see any errors, except one - iMassage and others do not work. I unsuccessfully tried three times steps from PART 6 – ENABLE IMESSAGES & FACETIME in "Glasgood's macOS Catalina [INSTALL GUIDE] Aorus Z390 Pro & Z390 Master". I guess the reason is the hardware, but not sure. My first Hackintosh hardware: Case - Zalman N2 CPU cooler - GameMax Gamma 500 RGB CPU - Intel I7 9700 (without letters) MB - GigaByte Z390 AORUS Elite/StarWars PSU - 700W Be Quiet, "PURE POWER 11", 4*PCI-E, 120mm, Gold80+ RAM - DDR4 64GB (16GB*4) Corsair VENGEANCE AirFlow LPX 2666 [CMK128GX4M8A2666C16] SSD - Samsung 970 EVO 500GB Video - ASUS RX580 8GB WiFi & Bluetooth - BCM943602CS in PCI-E (installed like wrote in @AudioGod's manual) EFI 03/01/2020 19,1 Aorus Z390 Pro RX Polaris EFI BIOS F10a, settings from @Sharkus's profile with one change - VT-d Enabled (I need Docker). Can somebody helps me? What can I make better?