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  1. Just now, AudioGod said:

    Let’s hope that Apple really is going ryzen this year cos then it all changes and everything will start working much better in that front.

    again though for a hobby build the ryzen hack is great. :)

    If I ever get my Ryzen build solid enough that I’m happy il send you my EFI for you too try on yours.


    Thank you :D

    Can't wait , Ryzen hackintosh will really change the game , and will be a True tank

  2. 14 hours ago, AudioGod said:

    Haha snap I have the same board sitting here too. Lovely motherboard and cpu but it’s not supported hardware and so for this reason it’s a bit flaky as a hackintosh. Don’t get me wrong it does work but only so well. I would love to have my x570 master and a 3950x as my main hack but to many things just will not or ever will work properly for me while there’s no official support in apps for amd cpus. It’s not Catalinas fault surprisingly but as there’s no support there’s also no amd code in any apps so for me logic audio plugins are hit and miss, audio playback over multi tracks is also a bit of a miss, photoshop is bit all over the place, lightroom crashes and the list goes on and on and on,

    as for full acceleration using my 5700xt seemed ok but again it’s very app dependent on how well it works.


    dont beleave the hype from the intel haters and AMD fanboys, having a AMD hackintosh as your main rig is a terrible idea if you depend on macOS and it’s apps.

    if it’s more of a hobby sort of thing then yeah great but that’s as far as I would personally take it..


    fingers crossed the rummers and mummers and found bits of code pointing at ryzen 4000 MacBooks appearing soon turn out to be true cos then it’s all change and everything will start working right.

    Thanks a lot dear AudioGod for your support and helping people making their hackintosh working and i'm one of them , so thanks again and again.
    Unfortunately all you said is true , i'm using windows now with my ryzen 9 3950x & aorus master x570 , till things will get better..I havea trust on you that you can make this config a beast for hackintosh (even in future) So please try to do your best if one day you decide to make the ryzen config full working like you did with intel .. I always appreciate your effort , and wish u a good luck

  3. 2 minutes ago, AudioGod said:

    ah ok,  If you use my EFI under smbios 19,1 with igpu enabled do you have the same problem?

    I’m finding 1,1 a little unstable now days myself. I used to use 1,1 and after I swapped over to the 5700xt I started having the same problems under 1,1. The resolve for my system was to use smbios 19,1 instead, all has been perfect ever since,

    if you really don’t want to use 19,1 then you can try the last revision of my EFI instead and see if that’s more stable for you under smbios 1,1 


    Thank you .. if the problem occurs again i'll swap to 19.1 , i've heard that under 19.1 and igpu enabled the radeon Vii will not fully work , is that true ?

  4. 4 minutes ago, AudioGod said:


    Oh really? That’s Interesting :) 

    I never noticed any of that but I wasn’t looking out for it. I will check on my side and report back soon.


    Are you using a WiFi/Bluetooth combo card and if so what one is it?

    i'm not using any bluetooth or wifi card.. i applied your EFI folder & bios settings everything was fine , but after 3 or 4 hours mouse & system became laggy then , the mac freeze. Idk maybe because i let kernelpm enabled (i use a radeon vii with smbios iMac pro 1,1 & igu disabled)