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  1. Thank you Can't wait , Ryzen hackintosh will really change the game , and will be a True tank
  2. Thanks a lot dear AudioGod for your support and helping people making their hackintosh working and i'm one of them , so thanks again and again. Unfortunately all you said is true , i'm using windows now with my ryzen 9 3950x & aorus master x570 , till things will get better..I havea trust on you that you can make this config a beast for hackintosh (even in future) So please try to do your best if one day you decide to make the ryzen config full working like you did with intel .. I always appreciate your effort , and wish u a good luck
  3. I followed vanilal guide for AMD , it's working but my full acceleration have some problems , i think it's related to my GPU
  4. Hello my friend Thnaks for your hard work I've a ryzen 3950x / Aorus x570 Master & radeon vii now , your Efi and files worked so great with my previous i9 9900k , but now Full acceleration became sometimes choppy / laggy .. can you provide me with Radeon VII files/kexts only ? THanks
  5. why u keep saying read the update as It seems the first time I use the Efi ? all the previous update are working , not the last
  6. I did it but something , the OC update for 14/01 is working , but the last one when I shutdown my pc I cannot boot. I only can when I hit the reset button
  7. Thank you I'm getting some probs when using the smbios 19.1 oc, on cold boot the system shows black screen with debug code 99.. but on sb 1.1 everything's going well
  8. Hi i'm using opencore Efi (i9 9900k , radeon vii with both smbios 19.1 & 1.1) everything is fine except the mouse sometimes become laggy (jump ) What's the problem ?
  9. Hi Thanks for posting , can you send me an OC Efi for radeon VII with Smbios iMacpro1,1 ? i want to fully utilize my RVII. Thank you
  10. after opencore setup i copied the efi folder into my ssd when i boot the keyboard and mouse not working
  11. Thank you .. if the problem occurs again i'll swap to 19.1 , i've heard that under 19.1 and igpu enabled the radeon Vii will not fully work , is that true ?
  12. i'm not using any bluetooth or wifi card.. i applied your EFI folder & bios settings everything was fine , but after 3 or 4 hours mouse & system became laggy then , the mac freeze. Idk maybe because i let kernelpm enabled (i use a radeon vii with smbios iMac pro 1,1 & igu disabled)
  13. i'm using your efi file i'm running catalina.. everything is stable but after few hours systeme became little laggy then it freezes