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    Help macOS installer reboots after showing Apple logo

    try flag -v for starters so you have messages of what's going on. You can press spacebar when your partition is highlighted and it gives you options with different flags, or blocking some kexts that could be the problem. Probably necessary kexts might be FakeSMC (or VirtualSMC, needs lilu), lilu, WhateverGreen and VoodooPS2Controller, I read, at least on my laptop.
  2. mikmikmik

    Installation problem

    I'm far from being an expert but just in case have you got an APFS.efi or ApfsDriverLoader.efi in Clover drivers folder?
  3. mikmikmik

    *HELP - Reboot During Install 10.14

    Hi all, I have the same issue but I have APFSDriverLoader. Actually I see the new APFS partition and can boot it until it says Mojave was not installed. I tried rebooting several times (no flags have been added as suggested here), install again, same 2minutes remaining reboot and same error after. I used latest Clover v2.5k-5101 and files from https://github.com/johnnync13/Xiaomi-Mi-Air/ New issue here: https://github.com/johnnync13/Xiaomi-Mi-Air/issues/67 Thanks if can help me figure that out. Cheers