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  1. Ok guys Im back. I have an HP mini 311 with kalkway 10.5.3 and bios F.15. This is the only version of mac that I can get to run on this machine. I tried 10.6.8 and even tried the combo 10.5.8. I got a USB wirless N adapter which i can live with. But I have got to have sound! I followed all the guides with VOODOO Keytext installs. I am almost a pro at doing basic stuff but can't get sound to work. I have a 320 gb hard drive and 3 gig of ram. I hate windows 7 on it, because its not fast at all. The mac OS actually benchmarks better on this machine than windows 7. I need sound and My world would be peachy
  2. pricelessone

    My Air Apparent HP mini 311 woes..

    Somebody help!!!! I have and HP Mini 311 with 3gig. Has verizon. I was able to get 10.5.3 Kalway on this thing. But no network and not sound at all. I was able to get a usb wireless network but I knew that because it came with drives. I tried to upgradt to the 10.6. Aitkos and it just reboots. I don't want 10.5.3 anymore. I want to upgrade because I cant get sound. Tried Voodoo 1 2 and 3 and no sound.
  3. Ok guys I got my old MSI 10341 core duo up and running with the first install of Kalway 10.5.1. The sound works, the cdrom works the vedio works and it is so fast with 2 gig or ram, I can't believe it. My problem is that I can't ge the wireless card in it to work. It says in the prefs that it is a realtech Hgh def. The network card does work and it gets on the web just fine. But no wireless. How do you install drivers on this thing? Like it said, it was a very easy installation the first time I put the DVD in. There were no blue screens or anything. Too bad that I have to hook up an external monitor becuase my LCD screen is broken. I am going to use it as a desktop hooked up to a 32 inch TV. But I need the wireless to work on my wifi network. Thanks. Mario mvp@pricelessmvp.com
  4. Hey I just got my hp pavillion going yesterday. You need to open up the disk utilities from the menu at the top and have the hard drives setup before the installer will see them. be prepared to reformat the hard drives because it has to setup the mac file system in order for the install to work. After you quit disk utilities then the installer will be able to see the volumes you created. good luck. i am here if you need further assistance. The only problem I had was with my vedio card. I have a radeon pci 9200 and it would not work with this install. I have not found a fix for that yet. I am now using an older matrax mil card with 64 meg but I can only get 800X600. But everything else works fine. My machine is a HP pavillion media center with 3.0 and 512, 80 gig SATA, DVD/RW and CD/RW.
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    I did it on my hp Pavillion!

    It took me 2 days but I finally got this thing installed on my HP pavillion. It has a fujitsu siemens p4 motherboard. 3.0 ghz with 512, 80 gig sata hard drive. The first install failed and then I pulled out the ATI radeion 9200 card and substituted a 64 meg pci card from an old compaq deskpro and it finally booted into the MAC OS! It was a thing of beauty and my fam loves it. The first and second reboot before I was successful, I was getting the black screen after the mac ball started rolling. I am an vintage pc tech so I knew right away after reading these forums what my problem was. I suggest first of all to blow away your hard drive if you need to. Back up everything and just start with a blank drive. The install will go rather smoothley. Dont waste time allowing the installer to search the DVD, just skip it and it does the rest. My version of the install is Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2]. Downloaded from here. I burned my own DVD using power ISO. Any questions would be welcome just ask. Oh, by the way, DO NOT DO THE UPDATE FROM mac FOR INTEL , YOU WILL CRASH AND HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN, at least thats what happened to me. Now I am loading I life 05 with garage band. Have a happy 4th you guys. I am in MAC HEAVEN!