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  1. Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

    I'm booting into Leopard! I used method one from the link I posted earlier and it works! Its also dual booting with vista. What i did was this: 1) Installed OSX on the second partition on my hard drive (couldn't boot into it at this point) 2) Installed Vista on the the first partition 3) followed the "How to" guide using MacDrive 7 on the second partition 4) intalled and used EasyBCD for the boot loader then picked my OSX partition to boot up into with "cpus=1" and it worked! the display, keyboard and sound all work perfectly, but none of the network stuff works (ethernet, wireless, etc...) and the tablet input doesn't work either. There's probably other stuff too, but as of right now, thats all i noticed. now i have to work on getting on the internet with it...
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can finally boot into osx (using Leo4allV3) on my ASUS R1E-b1! I used method 1 and it worked like a charm. I just need to get the network controllers working and i'll be golden. Thanks again!
  3. Fixes for HFS+ partiton error

    Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

    I did a bit of searching and i found this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=78235 It got me past the MAC framework but i'm stopped at a new error: "Waiting for boot volume with UUID 3E452B06-89D0..." I think it may have to do with my setup. I'm booting off of an external HDD because I'm sick of reinstalling vista at the moment. I'm going to partition my main HDD in a few days and see if that fixes anything.
  5. Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

    I Used Leo4allV3. I used imgburn (its free and works great) to burn the disk to a memorex DVD-R. I burned them at 2.4x and made imgburn verify the burn and they had no errors. Are you getting it to install at least? Mine installs then hangs on the "MAC Framework successfully initalized" when its booting off the hard drive... Hope that helps! good luck.
  6. Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

    I had BIOS version 202 and when I upgraded to version 304 it did nothing for me. I have also tried Kalaway and iATKOS 2 and neither of them worked on my R1E-B1. Looking at other forums, it seems like people have much better luck with the R1F and R1E-C1 for some reason. ~Rieetu You may want to try the -x option (safe mode) along with cups=1 when installing. I don't need it on Leo4allV2 or Leo4allV3 but i when i was trying Kalaway, it got me just a bit further in the install. Good luck.
  7. Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

    i cant find an option for that in my bios. Is there any other name it could go by? Also if its not too much trouble, could you explain what that would do? THanks
  8. Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

    Hey I have an R1E-B1 and I got leo4allV3 to install but when it was booting, mine also was hanging on the MAC framework successfully initialized. Do u remember how you fixed that? It seems like you used Leo4allV2 to get it running, so i'm getting that right now and I'm going to try that to see if it works. As soon as i get this up and running I'm definitely going to keep trying to get this working well. I've heard rumors of the tablet working once you get it calibrated! hopefully that will work too... Thanks in advance for you help.