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  1. 10.4.8 Live DVD and Installer Beta Test

    Quick very n00bish question, What happens if you are preparing a live DVD for both AMD and Intel systems? Do you have to load both kernels as you cant then boot after installation?
  2. Adium 1.0 Released

    Its my REAL mac so I'm a bit confused with why. Its a brand new mac mini running 10.4.8 and i have to run it under rosetta to stop it from crashing
  3. Adium 1.0 Released

    Adium to me looks good on paper but doesnt work in reality on ANY of my real macs or hackintoshes. I have seen that damn adium crash reporter so many times i could shoot that duck! So much so that I have to run it under rosetta to get it to work. Hopefully this is better and can run natively without crashing