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  1. It is still not working with 82566Dm (optiplex755) in 64bit mode (half working, ip address and no host resolution).
  2. quietguy

    [GUIDE] QE/CI with ATI Radeon 2400XT 0x94c1

    I know this guide is for Leopard, but was wondering.... Is there an solution for HD 2400XT for Snow Leopard? I just want an clear answer for it if someone please... Thanks
  3. I would use iATKOS and use no video option to install.
  4. try nvkush. that worked for me.
  5. Thank you all for the guide. Now I am running 10.5.4 on my D830. iatkos 2.0i install by following the guide. installed the VGA driver on the dvd and it works with nvs 140m video card. backed up al nv*.kexts. did the 1.4b combo update, crash and burned b/c forgot to restore the nv*kext files. 2nd install of iatkos 2.0i with no VGA driver selected. updated with 1.4b combo updates. no problem. Mac os updated to 10.5.4. no problem. restored the nv*kext files and run nvkush. everything is fine now. thanks all again for the guide.