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  1. Upon trying the new EFI (DSDT was replaced with the older one) with Catalina, Catalina keeps removing the EFI folder on the SSD EFI partition which prevents my hackintosh from rebooting. From BIOS it just reboots itself and won't even go to clover bootloader. I'm attaching my EFI EFI_copy.zip I had to use my USB to get to the bootloader then select the boot os. I re-copied the EFI from the USB to the SSD EFI partition, reboots, EFI folder gone again and couldn't get to the bootloader.
  2. @AudioGod after I spent more than 2 weeks to fix the unbootable mojave it is finally working again with Catalina and the customized efi that was sent before by you. Not sure if I ever want to touch any efi files and/or even upgrade the clover lol anyway thanks to you and my next task is to add a separate SSD for Windows dedicated disk. Once that is done, I will install Windows and report back to you on the HDMI audio issue.
  3. @AudioGod I know you're busy but could you please help?
  4. just unlocked MSR by following the procedure. KernelPM is unchecked. rebooted, then from the boot loader still the same error
  5. Unplugged the power cable pulled out the battery put the battery back in with iGPU enabled I can't even boot from the boot loader, it goes to "error loading kernel cache (0x7) boot failed: will sleep for 10 seconds before exiting" also tried with iGPU disabled and changed the SMBIOS to iMacPro1,1; but still the same error. "error loading kernel cache (0x7) boot failed: will sleep for 10 seconds before exiting" my GPU is RX570, not 580.
  6. @AudioGod I'll be more than happy to be the guinea pig to try the new EFI. My previous Mojave went havoc and my hackintosh is completely useless. I've been trying to re-install with the newly available EFI (Jan 3rd one) as well as the older one I had, but no dice. looking forward to the new EFI which i want to try with Catalina
  7. I can confirm if HDMI sound works once I have to reformat the drive and install windows etc... I have only one HD and it's fully partiontioned, so I can't install windows on top of MacOS. and it appears that vmware fusion doesn't work well on hackintosh according to my google search... Any other option i can follow than reformat the drive?
  8. It is showing SMBIOS set to iMacPro1,1, and I have not unlocked MSR bios profile.
  9. config.plist CodeResources CodeRequirements-1 Info.plist platform.h
  10. I've used the provided "FartPants EFI.zip". I'm not able to upload the EFI as the size is too big even after zip it.
  11. I think I broke my hackintosh. lol Instead of replacing the EFI on the HD, I renamed the old one to EFI.OLD, and copied the provided new EFI onto the HD, now the screen is showing the Apple logo then it gets stuck at the apple logo screen after the clover boot prompt. sigh....
  12. Am I supposed to use DSDT.RX Series.zip as well as the 19,1 Z390 Pro RX EFI.zip ?? If that is the case, then I didn't use the DSDT.RX Series.zip
  13. I was assuming the audio should automajically should be coming out of the Sapphire GPU RX570 DisplayPort I am using your not so old EFI which was downloaded on 12/17.
  14. First time trying hackintosh. Upon Mojave (10.14.6) installation on my pc, it first reboots then goes to panic state... Here is my BIOS settings, config.plist, and list of kexts. Can someone please help? my machine spec: MOBO: Gigabyte Z390 Pro CPU: i5 9600k GPU: Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 570 4GB Memory: Crucial 2 X 16GB 2666 Mhz BIOS setting • Save & Exit → Load Optimized Defaults • Chipset → Vt-d → Disabled • Chipset → Internal Graphics → Disabled • Chipset → Above 4G Decoding → Disabled • BIOS → Windows 8/10 Features → Other OS • BIOS → CSM Support → DISABLED • Initial Display Output → PCIe 1 Slot • Trusted Computing → Security Device Support → Disable • USB Configuration → Legacy USB Support → Enabled • USB Configuration → XHCI Hand-off → Enabled • Network Stack Configuration → Network Stack → Disabled • SATA And RST Configuration → SATA Mode Selection → AHCI • Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P) → Disabled ( Optionally, can be enabled after macOS is installed, your choice ) config.plist.1211.plist.zip kext.zip