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  1. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hi, the hd is always set to ahci. I have a working 10.7.2 partition and i compare the kext's with my 10.8. hd. i guess it will be some missing kext. so i have to try a little bit. it start with " -x " , but without this i have a problem 13.Dec. : fixed the problem. i have a running ML :wink2:
  2. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    I have a problem to start my installed ML partition. I installed ML using the guide BlackCH prefered in post 1198. I can install the sytem via usb stick, but when try to start the ML partition the monitor freezes and i have start the mac again. I have installed all the recommended kexts. But i have no idea where the error come from. It would be nice, if anyone has an idea.
  3. Kann XP nicht mehr installieren

    Yepp danke, werde es morgen mal testen.
  4. Kann XP nicht mehr installieren

    Hallo, ich hatte auf meinen beiden HD's einmal iDeneb und auf der anderen XP laufen. XP war verseucht und ich versuche es nun erneut zu installieren. Der XP installer zeigt mir immer folgende Meldung: " Setup must write some startup files to the following disk ..... However, this Disk does not contain a xp-compartible partition." Gemeint ist die HD auf der OSX läuft. Die andere hab ich schon partitioniert als Fat 32 und MBR. Leider weiss ich mir keinen Rat mehr. Wäre gut, wenn mir jemand einen Tipp geben könnte ohne dass ich auch OSX neu installieren muss. Gruß Peter
  5. iDeneb v1 10.5.4

    I installed iDeneb on my PC. It works very well. Thanks for the great release. The only Problem i have is my ethernetconnection. My onboard-ethernet does'nt work. It's the same as my kalywayinstallation. With my Realtek-ethernetcard i get connection. But it breaks down after 20 minutes or so. The Realtek works under kalyway very well. I have taken a lot of options at the installation. With and without ethenet-kext's. I installed the Realtek R1000 Kext and many options more. The result is always the same. Has anyone an idea how i get my ethernet work?