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    trying to create a DSDT file

    Hi Do you think it is worth making my own DSDT file ??? PS I have ordered a new graphics card !! Bazza
  2. Bazza08

    trying to create a DSDT file

    Hello Herve, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I have check and my GT730 is a 128bit thanks again Bazza
  3. Hi Guys I have been trying to get my hackintosh to work using High Sierra... My Build is:-- Asus Z87-K Mother board Intel i5 processor 8 gig of Memory Nvidia Geforce GT 730 4gb DDR3 500gb SSD hard drive I can get it up and running if I take Graphics card out and use Internal graphics, but when I have my graphics card in the only way I can get it to work is to use boot flag nv_disabe=1 .... and the graphics are rubbish..... I am trying to get it working by creating my own DSDT file.. what I have tried is to download and used RwPortableX64V1.7 to extract 4 SSDT.aml files and one DSDT.aml ... I was looking on this forum for any clues what to do next but I a am afraid I am stuck... I have uploaded the files I extracted from RwPortableX64V1.7 Any Help would be appreciated Bazza DSDT.aml SSDT-1.aml SSDT-3.aml SSDT.aml SSDT-2.aml