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  1. Hi guys. I've bought BCM94331CSAX with PCIeX1 adapter for this combo being the chipest and for reasons I don't really need fastest WiFi possible. Heck my router is still 54g Anyway I was lucky and card and adaptor seems to came flawless. Since I am using MacPro3,1 SMBIOS I was not getting Handoff and few other OOB and had to apply CAT which enabled everything. Then I've found that BT signal level is really low. BT speaker i have is dropping sound like crazy if put more then two meters from antenna. While researching a bit I have found that middle connector on the card is for BT. Also I've found that turning WiFi on card off is greatly improving RSSI of Bluetooth connection – my BT speaker can be as far as 5-6 meteres after that. Also turning off router (with WiFI in 2.4GHz) do the same — improves RSS of BT. So my question is can you guys with those cards in topic attest to my finding. Or correct them because now I wonder if CD (iMac) versions of the cards are better in regards of simultanious work of BT and WiFi since those cards are actually bigger themselves. Thank you P.S. Screenshots shows how turning WiFI off improves BT connection
  2. sergiy.gagarin

    SMBIOS for Core2 Quad Q9550?

    That is interesting! Thanks Stefano. I think no need to change it to 10,1 since I will probaly use something like 14 or 13 myself because it seems that Continuity is looking for model number and not actual card installed. If 14,2 work good I'll probably use it.
  3. sergiy.gagarin

    SMBIOS for Core2 Quad Q9550?

    Cool that I have found this thread guys! I am on L5430 (C2Q Xeon) myself on P5Q board and thinking about proper SMBIOS model for 10.12 As I see 10,1 would be definitely more bulletproof since C2D in those iMacs support same or less instructions compared to my CPU. 14,2 on the other hand is much newer processor with those new fancy AVX and other new instruction sets that C2Q just doesn't have. Then 2 more considerations: 1. iMessages — will my iMessages work fine after I change model without changing serial and MLB? Won't it trigger any security concerns on Apple side? 2. WiFi — I've ordered Continuity supported BCM94431(from 2012 retina macbook pro) with PCIe adapter from eBay (pretty cheap I must say — 22$ for both). Will it work OOB on iMac10,1 model or I will need a patch it after every update? Can you answer any of these?
  4. Hi I am happy that helped you. Restart after sleep for me was because if GPU (it was 8600GT asus) After changing it problem has gone
  5. sergiy.gagarin

    Does 256MB 8600GT hinder performance of new OS X?

    Well, changed card for 630v2 1GB Asus silent model recently (GK208) and it is even better. Now I have some free video ram (looking at atMonitor) and it does seems as fluid as I want. Also no need for Nvidia web driver with this card. Everything is running OOB on Clover.
  6. sergiy.gagarin

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Thanks again. One (or rather two) more questions. Does headphone amplified out works? Do you know what windows driver work for x64 system (7, 8 or 10)?
  7. sergiy.gagarin

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Thank you, ArgenLant for the prompt answer! But does sleep work on your Intel system with Revo5.1? I just happen to achieve sleep after changing GPU from 8600GT to GT520 (yeah, go figure!) and don't really want to loose it again so fast.) Do you need any specific flags in Clover too to make it work?
  8. sergiy.gagarin

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Hi, guys, can users update me on the state of current Envy24HT support on 10.11? Are http://www.audio-evolution.com/drivers/working? Do we have newer compile for HT chip? Does sleep working if we do? I am looking at improving sound for cheap and found M-Audio revolution for 15$ but it will be a doorstop if it is not working in El Capitan
  9. sergiy.gagarin

    [New Envy24HT Driver] For Audio PCI Card Onkyo SE-200

    So did you finally got the card? Is your compiled driver working? Does your system sleep with it? Thank you
  10. sergiy.gagarin

    Does 256MB 8600GT hinder performance of new OS X?

    OK, so far I've bought Asus ENGT520 SL/DI/512MD3(LP) card. On Clover with Inject NVidia=True it is working OOB. Test shows it is either on par with my 8600GT or faster (Like 2x in OpenGL and 1.5x in Quartz by XBench) From iStat Menus it doesn't show that I now have more video ram — seems like OS X tries to use all available VRAM for paging open windows. Also I discovered that sleep is functional now, so it was 8600GT giving me problems with sleep (Gigabyte Silent Pipe II model) And yes interface is definitely more fluid now. Though I would definitely update later to a more powerful (and with more VRAM) card when silent models will become cheap on used market. P.S. I was not able to run Luxmark since it was crashing — is it that problem with OpenCL not working on 4xx/5xx series? UPDATE: Latest Nvidia Web driver helped with OpenCL problem. And also added a bit to OpenGL benchmarks)
  11. sergiy.gagarin

    Does 256MB 8600GT hinder performance of new OS X?

    Guys, I already have an SSD. Lag I want to eliminate is UI one. I don't need monster GPU. Not for money it costs not for energy it uses. I'll be fine with some low power solution that will have enough oomph to drive the UI. I am looking at GT 730 or comparable Radeon if it is better. I don't play games, don't do 3D. Only Photoshop. So I am interested to know if this will help. Is it really amount of RAM on my GPU that is low. or it is chip that is slow clocked. I like the card itself QE/CI is working out of the box, it is silent. And the price was about 10$ so no complains. But somehow I feel like 8800GTS 512MB that I was using before it was a bit faster in UI. I wonder if this a placebo effect on me that I know that 8800 should be faster since it is big expensive and noisy or it really was?
  12. Hi, guys just finished a bit of upgrade for my trusty old rig. Added L5430 Xeon, put Noctua cooler on it and cracked it up to 3.55GHz on stock voltage with ULNAadapter on (only 900rpm). Sweet. Still I don't feel the system is much snappier now then it was on E4400. And by Geekbench E4400 is like half slower in Single-Threaded and 3 times slower in Multi-Threaded. Here is my score for L5430 btw. I mean general snappiness like how fluid it is. It is a bit of jerky. Could it be that my videocard hinders performance? It is passive 8600GT 256MB. Will changing it really help me with what I want i.e. too feel system is more fluid, alive. Did you have personal experience how video card changed your OS X? If it is then what you recommend to look at? I don't want big and noisy oven. I would prefer something silent actually. I was thinking maybe Geforce 730GT? It is one of the newest chips (Kepler) it is 23W. Then memory size: is 1Gb enough or 2GB is really wanted (I don't do 3D). Should I get GDDR5 or DDR3 is just the same for those cards I look at? Then maybe Radeon is better now? Please voice your opinion on the matter. Thank you.
  13. Seems like I have fixed it with the guide https://zhaomin.me/core_to_xeon.html Guide was like except I've omitted first two steps since I had working setup I did it on. Note for Quad Core you should put 3 (yes, it is No of Cores minus 1 Now testing. IF it will fail I will do follow up. Speedster is working for sure& Cant say about C and P states since never was trying to understand them but it is not panicing with them enabled in BIOS. Sleep is working but restarts on wakeup. GUIDE Add cpus=1 pciroot=1 tscsync and npci=0x2000 (based on motherboard spec.) boot-args. Get into dektop without GPU driver. Google and download VoodooTSCSync.kext. Edit VoodooTSCSync.kext/Contents/Info.plist, change the value of IOCPUNumber to x (x=CPU threads-1). Change boot-args to npci=0x2000 pciroot=1. Rebuild kext cache and Reboot.
  14. Guys, I am trying to upgrade old LGA775 P5Q board with new processor. It is Xeon L5430 with adapter. It is working perfectly under Windows since I've updated microcodes in BIOS. Bios I am using is so called 5th Year anniversary mode BIOS. Dual core E4400 is absolutely fine with the setup. So far i don't have problems with running it on Clover 10.10(tweaked) or 10.11(vanilla config with only latest FakeSMC) on e4400 but Xeon gives me checkered screen after initial apple on black loading screen on both installs. Black has fuzzy RGB dots. Any ideas what this can be or how to troubleshoot that? Thank you.