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  1. Woow, very very thanks, it is working now What was the main problem? Was it wrong SMBIOS? With this config file its working but do you also suggest me to add lilu.kext and WEG.kext to myLibrary/Extensitons? Or I do not need to add them?
  2. I used SMBIOS 19.1 I entered the IntelGFX e 0x3E988086 and entered ig-platfrom-id 0x07009B3E My monitor opens but still 7 MB
  3. -I use Clover Configurator 5.8.00 -I used iMAC 19,1 for SMBIOS as you said, and this time all the empty parts comes with numbers -Removed all of 0x0 from Devices only IntelGFX 0x3E988086 left -I added lilu.kext and WhatEverGreen.kext into my Library/Extensions -I tried both 3E980003 with Inject Intel and 3E980007 in Graphics (id-platform) But still no change While fans are working my monitor does not open, it is close and the lamb is blinking. Do I need special setup?
  4. My system is: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 UD CPU: Intel i7 9700K GPU: Onboard Intel UHD 630 I made the following changes in the Config.plist file from Clover Configurator but after changes my monitor does not open. Here are the pictures shows the settings I made.I've tried all the models with i7 processor for SMBIOS but I still cannot open my monitor. SMBIOS I tried: iMAc 14.1; 14.2; 17.1; 18.3; 19; mac miniWhat Could be the problem, and how can I fix it?*Since my monitor is not working, I also attached my clean config.plist, which is at the beginning of driver installation. Thank you, config.plist