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  1. clover yosemite help

    sorry been so ling in reply. what i did was make sure that os x would install then did a windows install and i think its the legacy install for both but since the first post i have done away with the windows and just have os x and i have another laptop with windows on.
  2. BCM943228HMB

    I have a broadcomm BCM943228HMB dual wifi and BT the BT works perfect but i can seem to get the wifi to work i am on Yosemite 10.10.1
  3. clover yosemite help

    sorry to post here but i cant start a topic in the clover part. i have 2 partion's on an HP Probook 450 G0 first one is os x yosemite and the second is windows 7, both appered in the default loader and both worked as they should but it looked rather dull so i installed clover and it looks great except that the windows 7 partion has disappeared and i dont know how to add it to clover also i installed all the themes to have a look and like the metal theme but cant get it to stick and have no idea how to remove all the others. can any one help? Thanks
  4. Ralink RT3920 Driver

    does not matter as was the wrong card Graham
  5. Gainwood 4870 resolution

    ok tried AtiPorts=4 and same effect
  6. Gainwood 4870 resolution

    cool thanks will try that later
  7. Gainwood 4870 resolution

    oh ok, it that at the same place i type graphicenabler command?
  8. Gainwood 4870 resolution

    Hi all, Heres one for you all. I have the above card in my hackintosh and all is ok i can play games and the like BUT theres one thing thats strange. I have a JMB 22" lcd tv as a monitor plugged in via either the 15 pin d on the card or via a dvi to vga adapter either way i cant get a piture if i turn on the mackintoch but if i plug in the HDMI cable aswell i get a picture with the correct res for the screen and i CAN use the HDMI aswell but i only want 1 monitor, i have tried a normal 1280x1025 19" monitor and the same result. Question is how do/can i make the hack pic the right output an stick to it? Oh and its Mac OS X 10.7.4 fully updated to the latest patch. Thanks all.
  9. Gainwood 4870 resolution

    Ok so i have a fully installed and working stystem apart from 1 thing, when i set up the system from scratch all is well, i have steam, skyrim, CS6 and RealVNC all installed and working but only at 1280x1024, not after running multbeast and adding the 48xx for 10.7.4 i can get full res 1920x1050 but all graphic intensive things stop working i.e. RealVNC server stops working and games wont run. How can i uninstall the ###### installs?. or do i have to reinstall and start again.
  10. 10.7 Help!

    Ok thanks for the advice i will see about getting the DSDP and post it here.
  11. 10.7 Help!

    Ok with a bit of messing in the bios with the core 2 duo installed i tweeked some settings and got the installer for 10.7.4 to run, so i went ahead and installed the core 2 quad and still got the kernel panic with 10.7.2, so i went back into the bios and disabled a few more cpu tweeks and as if by magic it booted into 10.7.2 so i then tried the 10.7.4 installer and now i am now installing 10.7.4 yeh. Conclusion got my core 2 quad to boot lion. I will take some pics of the bios to post for others have simular problems with either installing or upgrading to 10.7.4 with this board.
  12. 10.7 Help!

    Just checked my os x 10.7.2 install and its reporting my core 2 duo as a solo could this have anything to do with it?
  13. 10.7 Help!

    The bios's for this board are F1, F2 and F3 i have tried all 3, i dont know how to update the DSDT? as i cant boot into the os or installer as as soon as the dvd, hdd or usb boot you get to the options screen for the boot and then right after the kernel panic hits, i will have to make a shore video of what is happening.
  14. 10.7 Help!

    I have a hackintosh with 10.7.2 installed all running good, its a core 2 duo 6600 2.40 system. I have just bought a core 2 quad 6600 2.40 cpu and when i install the cpu the bios reconises it as a quad but as soon as the loader counts down i get "kernel panic cpu 0" and that is even when i boot from my install dvd or usb pen installer. I have tried the original 10.7.2 and one from keresh as well. windows 7 64bit installer works fine and i have tried linux live cd/dvds aswell all work as they should. my normal hackintosh system is as follows:- Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P(tried F1 and F3 bios) Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 2.40Ghz Cpu (not clocked) 4GB DDR3 ram 250GB WD 2.5" HDD Sony DVD-RW Gainwood ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB 450w PSU Commodore Gaming Case 22" widescreen Monitor Generic Mouse and Keyboard USB As above with this system 10.7.2 boots and runns perfectly but if i swap the cpu i get the kernel panic cpu 0. Can anyone help me with this as i would realy like to have the quad cpu in the system. Thanks
  15. Kalyway 10.5.2 HELP

    Hi all, i could do with some help please I have an AMD System:- Asus A8N32 Sli Delux AMD 4200+ X2 1gb DDR 120 sata HDD 160 Sata HDD DVD Rom DVD RW 8600GT I have installed the kalyway 10.5.2 all installed ok, system restarted and thats alol it does is restart, loads for about 20seconds then restart, is there something i can do or do i look for another install dvd?