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  1. Buhgalter

    Snow Leopard on G31TM-P35 (G31TM-P21)

    EMPIRE EFI + Retail DVD 10.6.0 = works 100% (installation with -x -v) First reset the bios to Failsafe Defaults, then Enable HPET, then Disable the Onboard LAN and Floppy options. Set the bios to halt on No Errors.
  2. Just try ASUS-K50IN-BootCD v1.1. It must work with any K50IN (K40IN) modifications...
  3. ASUS-K50IN/K40IN-BootCD v2 Burning ASUS-K50IN-BootCD: 1. Download ASUS-K50IN-BootCD. If you downloaded the compressed zip file (Boot CD v1) you will need to decompress or "unzip" it. If necessary, download and install your choice of CD burning program (it needs to be capable of burning ISO files.) 2. Open the ASUS-K50IN-BootCD ISO in the burning application, insert a blank CD or DVD into the drive, and begin the burn process. When it is finished, you can eject the disc or keep it in the DVD drive if it is the same as the one you will be booting from. Boot the Retail DVD: When the bootloader ask you for rescan, press ENTER. Go to boot options (f8), Swap disks, then press F5 to rescan drive. When the name of the DVD appears, press ENTER. To Install Mac OS X: 1. Eject ASUS-K50IN-BootCD 2. Insert Mac OS X Install DVD 3. Press F5 (or Function+F5) 4. Select Mac OS X Install DVD and Press Enter Installing Mac OS X: 1. The Apple logo, then a spinning wheel, will appear. (If the spinning wheel does not appear after two minutes, try power cycling the netbook and booting again. Otherwise, check the Troubleshooting guide.) 2. Once loaded, select your language and press Continue. (Press Enter on your keyboard if you can't see the Continue button.) 3. Press Continue on the Welcome screen, then press Agree on the next screen. 4. Go to Menu Bar>Utilities>Disk Utility.... 5. Select the icon for the internal drive. 6. Go to the Partition tab. Configure: - Volume Scheme: 1 Partition - Name: <Any name without a space in it.> - Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) - Options...: GUID Partition Table, press OK. 7. Press Apply, then Partition. When it is finished, close Disk Utility. 8. Select your newly-formatted drive as the installation destination. 9. Press the Customize button, deselect any feature(s) you do not need: - Additional Fonts - These are only needed for specific languages with special characters. - Language Translations - These are to translate the OS into different languages. - Printer Support - Usually you can find an updated driver for your printer on the Internet, but this can be helpful if you use multiple printers besides your own. - X11 - You need this if you are going to use GIMP or CrossOver. - Rosetta - Rosetta allows you to run applications that were only designed to work on PowerPC-baed Macs (pre-10.4), it's small so it won't hurt to install just in case. - QuickTime 7 - Useful if you need to watch QuickTime movies that are encoded in older formats. 10. Press OK, then press Install. Installation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the condition of the DVD disc, speed of the DVD drive and the amount of items you selected. 11. Installation will probably get to the end and report that it has failed (although sometimes it says it is successful, your results may vary.) Again, this is normal, just press Restart. UPDATE: New version 2 is available with new features and no bugs! © Buhgalter NVEnabler_64.kext.zip IOAudioFamily.kext.zip AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext.zip HDAEnabler.kext.zip AppleALC662.kext.zip HPETDevice.kext.zip PlatformUUID.kext.zip ApplePS2Controller.kext.zip ASUS_K50IN_BootCD.zip
  4. Buhgalter

    Asus F6E

    А что, собственно, с видео не устраивает, какие баги? Судя по скрину, все в порядке
  5. Buhgalter

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    I tried it... Now I have IntSpeaker, HeadPhones, Mic and Volume control with balance but no mute on my ASUS X51L notebook (Retail Leopard 10.5.4 + Chameleon HD). It showes devices in System Profiler. Realtek ALC660 @ Intel 82801HBM ICH8M - High Definition Audio Controller PCI Thank You very much! Sorry for my English...
  6. Thank you It workes fine on my Asus X51L notebook
  7. This method workes fine for my HACKINTOSH with ATI RADEON HD 2400 XT [94c3]: Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4 [original + modbin kernel 9.4.0] PC: Intel celeron 430 1,8Hz, MSI chipset VIA P4M900, DDR2 667 РС2-5300 1024Mb, Samsung HDD 160Gb 7200 SATA II(still need kext) + WD HDD 320Gb 7200 8Mb IDE (work 100%), LG+/-RW, ATI RADEON HD2400Series 256 Mb, TV tuner Compro Plus II GOLD(PCI), ALC 883 (work 100%), Via Rhine II Lan 10/100 (work 100%), 6 USB(work)
  8. Buhgalter

    About this Mac

    It works great on my Retail Mac OS X Leopard(10.5.4). Thank you very much! Before: After: