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  1. I would use one of the red or blue USB slots, not the 4 at the top that are USB 2.0. 1. Ensure your USB installer is actually working and was made properly, without errors. Most install problems are because someone made a USB installer through some sorted hack and slash method. Make one on a real Mac that has been updated to the latest OS you plan to install. Anything else may inject errors that will either fubar your install or prevent you from even installing. 2. Make sure your BIOS (not SMBIOS yet) is updated to the latest version (F12d for the Pro and F12c for the Pro WiFi). After updating the BIOS, go back into it and enable the dGPU, save the settings and reboot. Go back into the BIOS and then set the parameters of the video card, which will now be visible. Save your settings and then load from the USB installer. 3. Download either the Clover or OC EFI that is appropriate for you (ones for the navi card). I suggest Clover as it's far more mature than OC and has more tools that support it. 4. Open up the config file and fill in the following (for Clover): 1) BoardSerialNumber, 2) SerialNumber, 3) SmUUID and 4) ROM. Then add "-v" to the boot arguments in case you have any errors, you can see where the process halted. Once your system runs fine, you can remove it get the nice Apple graphical boot process. Many of us have identical systems. Yours sounds very clean and simple so there shouldn't be any problems. I would go back and make sure you're doing all the steps properly.
  2. That's on me. The Fenvi has 4 antenna. I was using 2 from the card and the remaining 2 I had plugged in my antenna for my MB. Apparently Gigabyte doesn't provide a better antenna than some cheap Chinese knock-off lol. But I gotta say with the proper antenna its working flawless. Thanks for the pics. I still may get a real BCM card. Ali has them quite cheap. $45. Just gonna take 2 months to get here
  3. Thanks man. Unfortunately your card is N only (no AC). I actually swapped my antennas and the Fenvi is working AMAZING since. It recognizes the keyboard at post so I may just keep it and upgrade down the line. For posterity, the BCM94360CD supports AC: Broadcom BCM94360CD supports 802.11ac MIMO 3x3 (max speed is 1.3Gbps at 5GHz), and Bluetooth 4.0. This is used in iMac (2013) and Pro (2013). Broadcom BCM94331CD supports 802.11n MIMO 3x3 (max speed is 450Mbps at 5GHz), and Bluetooth 4.0. This is used in iMac (2012). Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/70ljf3/difference_between_bcm94360cd_vs_bcm94331cd/ This actually looks solid: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32782660002.html
  4. @eSaF I am returning my knock off T919 but ordered a real one. After what you said, I don't think it'll be any better really. Can you give me more details of what you got exactly? Having crappy wireless is not something I want. I find the Fenvi to be pretty unreliable. Sometimes it connects at post, not others. Pretty annoying when you're trying to enter your BIOS.
  5. @WizeMan Hmm, there's something definitely up with the EFI. I was just copying over files to my NAS via WIFI. Lost connection on my keyboard and my mouse (G903 on a dongle) got all jittery. No such issues in Clover. EDIT: Lost the Apple Watch unlock option (came back in a few minutes). Just out of curiosity, do you have anything else connected that's wireless (BT, Dongle, etc.)?
  6. Ya my card works OOB. And I have the same MQUPIN. So just to be clear, it's your BT that's not working properly? But your WIFI is fine? The card has 4 antennas, one of which is dedicated for BT (not sure which one that is, but would love to know). The rest all drive WIFI. It could be that the signal is being attenuated. I have the WIFI variant of this board so I used the antenna from Gigabyte which is better quality and has quite a bit of length to the cables so it's not buried in the back of your PC. IMO, you got a bad card. I would pull it or try it in another OS. It works great in Windows with the appropriate drivers. First ensure the card is actually working as it should before you toss kexts at it. Because I can tell you that macOS does indeed support the card OOB. No fiddling, nothing. If the card is indeed working, maybe pick up some better antennas. I have been thinking about these: https://www.amazon.ca/COVVY-Dual-Band-Connector-Wireless-Extender/dp/B07TQ4Y47D/ref=pd_sbs_147_12?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07TQ4Y47D&pd_rd_r=633adfd9-9eb9-4404-a720-b82f1327d6dc&pd_rd_w=oVTIx&pd_rd_wg=lHBxQ&pf_rd_p=dbebb38c-0e3d-4a67-ac15-432d7c7a2789&pf_rd_r=CWFFRSGN6RDH4R9TNZ6W&psc=1&refRID=CWFFRSGN6RDH4R9TNZ6W You could just grab 2, just to boost the BT.
  7. If I can chime in. You definitely don't need all those kexts. I have the same card and it is recognized and works perfectly. These are the only kexts you need (if you have a pretty vanilla system without a bunch of other hardware or peripherals attached): While I know you want the problem fixed, but just arbitrarily chucking kexts at it isn't really the best way to go about it. What FENVI card do you have? I know MQUPIN sells them as well (which is what I have): https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07Z3MN5XM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The native card is a BCM94360CD but you have BCRM20702 listed, so it's not being identified properly: I have nearly an identical system. I say start over. Or just run the EFI (after adding in your SMBIOS details) off a Catalina USB installer. That's a pretty clean way of testing hardware without having to deal with caching or NVRAM or anything else. Another option is to toss it into a PC running Windows and ensure it's actually working correctly. You could have just got a bad card. As for unlocking your MSR, you have the Pro (not WIFI), so just download and flash the unlocked BIOS that AG has linked in his guide. If you don't want to do that, you can do it using https://github.com/datasone/grub-mod-setup_var/releases. The offset is 0x5C1. (Make sure you use setup_var_3, it will still throw an error but will patch your board. But I assure you, you don't need any BT kexts. It works OOB, that's why the card is so popular. Lastly, ordering in OC matters. Just FYI.
  8. Well then they should have come here and used your guide too
  9. I don't know why everyone is losing their sh*t over this. It worked on the z390 before all this. And tbh, it doesn't really matter as much as everyone wants to believe. So you get KP logs. Outside of that, does it really matter.
  10. Yes what AG said. TBH Clover is great. I had no issues with it. Aside from some cosmetic stuff it worked great. Definitely better boot loader on the front side. Can’t wait till OC develops themes! But OC does support macOS more natively. And I know this sounds dumb but I always hated how Clover would inject it’s details into the system profiler. OC feels really just like native macOS. Not like Clover running macOS if that makes sense.
  11. Nope. It does detect my TM backup but the EFI Partition is empty and I'd actually like to remove that. But no, it doesn't automatically detect W10. Cool, but once you try OC, you can't go back to Clover
  12. Tested the latest Clover EFI. Works beautifully. I did have a couple of freezes (stuck on ++++++++) for a couple of reboots initially, but it all cleared up and works just as well as the revision before. Great job Running on the latest OC and everything is works. Clover definitely has a better boot screen, but been dying to try OC. So both work great! I do have a very minimal set up, just FYI. Thanks again AG
  13. As AG said, don't use 1,1. You should always match your hardware to the closest Mac you can. Like this: