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  1. well, I already spent almost 100Bucks on an adapter (https://www.club-3d.com/en/detail/2479/displayport_auf_dual_link_dvi_i_aktiver_adapter/) which supposedly works with the apple Cinema HD Display, so I would much rather buy another rx580 which costs me 200 Bucks and I would have additional computing power for final cut and other projects... thank you though.
  2. hey guys, I have two old 30 inch apple Cinema HD Monitors, and since my RX 580 only has one Dual Link DVI Output would like to add a second GPU to my Hackintosh. I already tried with a display port to DVI Adapter (from Club 3D, unfortunately it does not work). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to pull that off? what do I need to consider when adding a second GPU like a RX 580 again? What changes do I have to make in the Clover Editor? (Sorry I am a newbie to Hackintosh) Thank you in advance
  3. Hi, thank you guys for all your support. Question: do you know what would need to be changed if I would want to install a second Saphire Radeon RX 580? What do I need to edit in the clover configurator? Regards Simon
  4. you are right (I bow in humility before you :-D) so since yesterday my system has not crashed anymore. I tried to isolate the issue and I turned out that my Rico usb 3.1 hub is causing the problem. there is an additional power plugin provided which is fed via and additional USB port. This thing was most likely causing the sudden panics. Thanks for the advice. will test your EFI now! Cheers from Switzerland
  5. o.k thanks for the input regarding the screen. While I was reading your response, I just unplugged all the usb devices and "whoop" my computer just restarted again. I have no idea what is causing it, I attached the crash report since I cannot make much of it. Crash Report.rtf
  6. hey guys, I have been using this refi for a while now and its working pretty good with two exceptions. 1. From time to time my Hackintosh will just shutdown due to some panic and I cannot figure out what's going on 2. when the Mac goes to sleep and I wake it up, the screen has the weird colours almost as if the colours are only 16 bit (see screenshots). any idea how to resolve this? for your info, I used both provided egis, and have the issues with both of them. thank you config.plist
  7. good idea, I will try that and update you
  8. F11, as described in your guide And I made sure I followed your bios Setup to the point
  9. Thank you for looking into it. uploaded it on my Evernote: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s342/sh/97206e93-f44c-4c23-8774-aed7da80075b/bba9fcebdea6342be56765b3b5731b02 thank you so much for your help! To clarify, what do you mean specifically by only changing my details? Are you referring to Serial No, and SMUUID? thank you EDIt 1_ just tested it again with the Mac Pro 1.1. EFI: Score is the same (see screenshot).
  10. But I am using an 8700K variant (sorry I misspelled earlier) I tried anyways and still the same issue.
  11. hey guys, thank you once again for the great Tutorial and the EFi Files. I have a similar setup, however when doing my Benchmarks I do not get over a multicore score higher than 6600. Others with an i7 processor seem to get a much higher result (check out this setup: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/success-pynty-mac-i7-8700-z390-i-aorus-pro-wifi-16gb-ram-sapphire-rx-580-mojave-10-14-3.271145/ which is almost the same). generally my Hackintosh feels laggy. Any advice for what could be the reason? Specs of my Setup: -Saphire radeon RX580 - 2 x 16GB G Skill Trident Z Ram DDr 4 at 3200 MHz (32 Gb total) - Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB installed as NVMExpress - Aorus Z390 Pro - Intel Core I7-8700 - Corsair H60 cooler Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Simon config.plist