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  1. I updated with iDeneb Combo Update to 10.5.8 worked fine. Also now I have a total Sleep Problem. Before it was just Lan, now also USB does not works. (my Hackintosh is installed on USB, so it crash total) Any Solutions for the 10.5.8 Sleep Problem? Greets Chris
  2. @Gazzacbr hi, thanks.. usualy i am very happy with the 10.5.6 just I like to develop for Iphone and the new SDK for 3.1 needs 10.5.7 as minimum. So for that reason i think about to update... any suggestions to update quiet save to minimum 10.5.7 are welcomed. greets chris
  3. Thanks a lot for all.. i have now a fine running system. do u also have a guide how to update from 10.5.6 as u described... to 10.5.8 so its safe!!? thx chris
  4. Just to let you know: I use a MSI US54SE II USB Wireless Adapter and it works very well with me! and from now i am nearly forgetting vista.. its great ... i guess my next system will be a macbook air. this now is still a transforming from microsoft (since 20 years) to apple chris btw.. how is you progress with this 2 finger scrolling. I would love to zoom, rotate pics with two fingers. hope you can do also an same easy installation guide as you did here! great work... i respect this. chris
  5. great thanks. I got it run now. I have leopard since nearly one year on my acer. but without sound it was useless. now its amazing. thank you a lot. also sometimes it looks i have to start the sound.sh manualy and it does not come recognized to do by startup. i made as described. but do i have to tell sleepwatcher to start the script or is this autom. done already by the /etc/rc.xxx file *forgot the name right now also the lan driver you placed in the archiv does not work. right now i work wity my msi usb wifi adapter. is there anything else i have to do to activate the lan adapter you placed in the archive. i placed it in the "pack" of the mkextool and when i look 'unpack" its also there, but leopard does not recognize it. thanks chris
  6. Hi, I do not find this kexts_to_merge folder. I guess it should be in this 6920g_drivers.zip ? Or where can I find it? greets chris
  7. i did not had time to test, but should this work.. specialy audio on the 6920g... you are a PRO !!! i look for this since monthes great work greets chris
  8. Hi, i am not sure, but it looks some Italian have a Solution for our Acer 6920g Baby with Audio (alc 889) and Leopard http://board.insanelymac.net/index.php?act...;f=4&t=2681 My Problem... I dont understand Italian. I did Google Translate and just understood that a User "Leopardino" tries to explain how it works. Still I have no clue. But I hope one of you understand what to do and can explain here in a step by step. Thanks Chris
  9. Acer 6920g AUDIO

    Hi, does anyone already know now how to make my acer 6920g (with this alc889 audio chip) working. All drivers and hda i tested before 3 month (did not have time till now to test again) did not worked. So since today i heared about iatkos 5 .. i hope you have some news. DID ANYONE GOT HIS ACER 6920g to run with MIC AND AUDIO ?? Thanks for your help chris
  10. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    acer 6920g does anyone know how to activate sound and mic? does it maybe work with iatkos 5 (still have leo4all 2)
  11. Help! Acer Aspire 6920G (ALC889) chip

    yeah, still looks bad, hopefully someone can make the audio working, would be the most importand. for Wireless I already use an external USB card.
  12. Help! Acer Aspire 6920G (ALC889) chip

    just before i forget: this found some linux hacks, how to activate the 6920g soundcard quote: . after some meddling around I found the magic incantations to fire up the amp / speakers on this laptop are to force model=acer-aspire in /etc/modprobe.conf, --- full article here ---- http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=88199 > Build CONFIG_SND_HDA_HWDEP=y and you'll have /dev/snd/hwC0D0 device. > With the hda-verb program in the URL below, you can exec the verb on > the fly: > ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/people/tiwai/misc/...erb-0.2.tar.bz2 Thanks for the hints and the applet... after some meddling around I found the magic incantations to fire up the amp / speakers on this laptop are to force model=acer-aspire in /etc/modprobe.conf, then using the applet from the URL quoted above: ./hda-verb /dev/snd/hwC0D0 0x15 SET_EAPD_BTLENABLE 2 I confirmed stereo operation... it doesn't react to headphone insertion, plays audio through speakers and headphone jack in that case. Didn't try 5.1 (this laptop has a 5.1 speaker set) yet but I wouldn't be surprised if that was trouble too. Still this is waaaay better than silence! Thanks again for the help. ------------ maybe someone find out how to convert this for mac!! .... greets chris
  13. Help! Acer Aspire 6920G (ALC889) chip

    nice we start to have some activity here :mellow: i guess its the same codec dump i also tried... no result... always when in patch a dump with hdapatcher... i always loose the audio at all in my configuration...
  14. Help! Acer Aspire 6920G (ALC889) chip

    Hi 6920g`lers, ok, so lets try in a team. what does we know? - we all have acer 6920g - we have a alc 889 chipcard - there are already solutions for other alc 889 types / so just ours looks a bit different - with the azalia kext we get shown an hda sound output / great so it could be just a small different. when i update with hda patcher 1.20 and ANY Codec Dump, i loose also that simple hda output sound information ... now the question.. was anyone of u able to make a hda patcher update with a codec dump AND STILL there is this hda output sound shown in ur configuration? If so, we are one step forward. I dont know how to code kext.. but to play with a textfile like the codec dumps.. is just try and error and needs time for sure.. but its a change to find the right settings. so.. does anyone of u have a codec dump and that hda output shows up still in ur configuration? any other ideas how to solve that situation for us... is welcomed greets chris
  15. How to compile a driver from Source

    hi man, it looks u are the man if u can build drivers i am looking for to have driver for a alc889 sound that works in xp also now several linux users posted success. can u help to make that driver run for a acer 6920g .. the funny thing.. the usual alc889 are not working.. and i dont know how and whom i can ask. thanks chris