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  1. Hi Superhi, I have a question, I used your cd image to boot my SnowLeopard and now I had installed, I'm using Ubuntu and Snow Leoaprd in the same HD. The thing is that I tried with all version of chameleon, the chameleon menu load perfectly, but no one boot, all gave me kernel panic. I'm putting the boot files in my /boot/ directory in linux. But, when I use your cd, it boot's perfectly, I tried coping the cdboot file to /boot/ but linux didn't recognize it. Can you give me a hand on this? Thanks pal.
  2. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Tiger

    By the way, my CardBus it´s working
  3. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Tiger

    Hellow to everyone. (sorry about my english) I tried this drivers, and did all the permission, cache, etc thinks. But when I rebooted I noticed that my trackpad are broke (I mean doesn´t work). So I tought some driver issue, but when I booted back to windows, the trackpad doesn´t respond any more, not with windows, linux, or any other OS. HELP!!!