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  1. hungrywallet

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    I haven't seen any documentation on what these system configs actually do, could someone let me know what these are for?
  2. Try one of the apps I mentioned in Windows overnight to rule ram out of the equation.
  3. Try one of the apps I mentioned in Windows overnight to rule ram out of the equation.
  4. Is your ram stable? Have you ran it through various stability tests? Karhu's Ram Test, HCI Mem Test, or GSAT, etc?
  5. @AudioGod Have you seen this? https://reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/erd2th/nvram_for_all_300_series_users_rejoice/
  6. OK Thanks. For now I'm able to boot into Windows via the UEFI.
  7. From OpenCore. I have the bootcamp option, just restarts when I select it. Both OS's are on separate NVME drives. I'll see if I can google a fix in the meantime.
  8. Actually I do have one small issue, I can't boot into Windows. The system just restarts when I try.
  9. Just switched over to Opencore. Great job on the build guys. Was pretty much plug and play after inputting the system info into the config file. I honestly can't see or feel a difference between this and the Clover build but perhaps I'm just not too experienced yet in Hackintoshing. I guess I do notice that there's a lot less flickering of the screen during bootup. Sort of like less changing of resolutions. Also, seems like I somehow managed to screw up my "Internal Speakers" sound. My desk speakers are plugged into Line Out on my motherboard and sometimes when I boot up macOS I get no sound through this output, sometimes I do, however in Windows it always works.
  10. Thanks, now I can get rid of the kext!
  11. Funny you say that. I was so invested in having Netflix work in Safari yet the last time I watched Netflix on my PC was probably back in the mid 2000s...lol Also, I don't even use Safari.
  12. Great breakdown! Thanks for typing this up.
  13. This usually never works for me and I follow the instructions religiously and a bunch of others found online. In the end I always have to call Apple to get these working. They might just have my account flagged or something.
  14. New beta bios is out for our boards. I might try it later. You know, the typical fix whats not broke sort of thing though it appears if you do any overclocking there's a few things broken in our current bios's. Go here for more details, https://forums.tweaktown.com/gigabyte/28441-gigabyte-beta-bios-1133.html