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  1. rocky_mtn

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    I would like to know if/when the RTL8125AG driver is released. Thank you. I have the ASRock Phantom Gaming 9 and my gigabit connection is working, but it would be nice to experience 2.5 gigabit transfers to and from the server through the 10 gigabit switch. Thanks for all the hard work! @Mieze
  2. Is this link still broken? I can't get in...
  3. I keep getting stuck on this part. Photo attached. Vanilla Mojave image stuck at installkextd “appleacpicpu” over and over. I’ve check bios settings and tried nv_disable=1 and they don’t seem to help. ASRock Z270 gaming k6 board, I7-7700K CPU, Intel HD 630 iGPU and Radeon RX 580. Any question please let me know. I’ve verified this machine will run macOS with other installation methods, but I don’t like where they store non-oem kexts so I really want to use olarila. TIA